​​​​​​​​​​​​BACK Office NICE Work Mana​​ger​

Streamlining Operational Processes 

Streamlining operational processes to increase employee productivity is critical. Organizations must effectively collect information from multiple systems, and efficiently prioritize and distribute work to employees. In addition, leading organizations proactively manage work with intelligent workflows and a common presentation layer for employees along with real-time reporting and dashboard capabilities for management. Organizations that can transform their siloed information into actionable intelligence empower their employees to work expeditiously and meet or exceed required service levels.
NICE Work Manager collects, correlates, and consolidates work from multiple sources, provides automated distribution of work, and guides users via policy-driven workflows. NICE Work Manager enables organizations to prioritize work across the enterprise and resolve work according to company standards and regulatory requirements.​  ​

Capture Work

NICE Work Manager unifies and streamlines operational processes across the enterprise by collecting, correlating, enriching, and consolidating work items and related data from any system. Employees have everything they need to process a work item in a single solution. 

Unlike other solutions that require extensive manual effort or data translation, NICE Work Manager’s data adapters automatically capture work item details in real time or batch loads. Regardless of whether the source is internal or external, NICE Work Manager can access systems across the enterprise including legacy, document management, CRM, claims management, loan processing, and others. Data adapters and data capture features speed implementation and return on investment. They include support for mainframe-based systems, relational databases, message queues, flat files, and more. Upon work item capture, the solution correlates reference data and transaction data to enrich work items, providing a more complete picture of the claim, loan, or any other activity.

Prioritize and Distribute Work

A highly flexible rules engine prioritizes and distributes work based on your unique business rules and policies, reducing the need for unnecessary manual intervention. Work items are routed based on work type, priority, employee profile or skill set, employee availability, or other criteria. For example, you can setup rules to automatically route high-priority work items to senior employees, or, if none are available, route directly to a manager to ensure that high-priority items receive a prompt response. 
Use business rules to prioritize and distribute work so that you handle the most important work items first, even as the system updates work item status and new work is received. Handling the right work item first can increase revenue, lower costs, improve customer satisfaction, or help avoid a fine or penalty. NICE Work Manager provides multiple distribution options and the ability to use one or more options:

  • Fully Automated Distribution - Route work to the appropriate employee based on skill set, seniority, or other factors.
  • Manual Assignment - Route work items through business-defined queues to supervisors who review and manually assign work to their employees.
  • Open Pool -Route work items to business-defined queues for employees to select the work they wish to process.​

Guide Work

Policy-driven workflows guide employees through their work allowing organizations to uphold service levels and meet regulatory requirements and corporate objectives by applying consistent processes to work tasks across the organization. Workflows are business driven and easy to configure. They can be multi-layered and sophisticated with mandatory steps to enforce specific actions or flexible enough to allow employees to complete their tasks with limited guidance.

Simplify Work

Typically employees need to toggle between systems to access all the required information to complete a single task. When faced with multiple tasks, especially different types of work, the result is a complex operating environment. NICE Work Manager includes robust and easy-to- use tools that allow employees to quickly search for information, perform ad-hoc research and enrichment, and collaborate with other employees, stakeholders or customers. The Consolidated Work Item feature automatically links existing work items based on key data elements, such as customer, account, employee, and product providing all the data necessary for employees to complete a task expeditiously and with high quality.

Monitoring Operations

Real-time visibility into your operations is key to achieving your desired business results. NICE Work Manager​ provides comprehensive reporting and operational dashboards, enabling supervisors and management unparalleled insight into your operations.​

NICE Work Manager –​ an optimal way to get Back Office work done​

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