Zoe Bermant

Social Media Consultant, K Logic
Zoe Bermant
Zoe Bermant – the NICE social media expert consultant, will be running further sessions on social media and how to use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to make social-selling work for you.

Zoe takes global experience to a whole new level. Born in South Africa her family moved to Australia when she was six years old and finally came home when she made Aliyah at 23 years of age. Zoe has worked for over 20 years in the field of marketing and communications, with experience in cyber security, international travel and most recently as the founder of her own two startups; No-Tipz an invention to stop strollers tipping and KiddyUP a mobile app that helps parents find local products, activities and services for their kids.

While waiting for her startup Angel to come along, Zoe pays the bills as a social media growth consultant, although many claim it's just an excuse to spend all day on Twitter and Facebook. Her list of prestigious clients includes, Mindspace, Wizerme, NICE, Datorama, Knowmail, Sarine, ReSelf and Max Security. When Zoe has spare time, like never, her hobbies include reading, singing and painting. Check her out on LinkedIN https://il.linkedin.com/in/zoe-bermant-4a7b49
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