Ravin Sanjith

Analyst, Intelligent Authentication, Opus Research
Ravin Sanjith
As analyst with Opus Research, Ravin Sanjith oversees coverage dedicated to building awareness, understanding and appreciation of accurate, affordable, usable, frictionless and scalable platforms for identity verification and intelligent authentication. Most recently, Ravin was co-founder and CEO at OneVault, a global pioneer in delivering voice biometrics solutions across the financial and telecoms sectors of Africa.

Previous to OneVault, Ravin spent five years as an intrapreneur in a range of asset finance, commercial and private leasing companies where he held various C-level positions always driving business process and technological innovation. He started his working career in 1992 as an engineer, where he applied machine sensor technologies and disparate data sources to optimize operational performance of electricity distribution networks. He then went on to two of South Africa’s largest retail banks, where he led the blueprinting of large scale ERP systems, including SAP. Additionally, Ravin worked with smaller Internet startups, most notably the creation of e-procurement hubs in the automotive sector working as COO at MotorOnLine, which was acquired by TransUnion in 2005.

Ravin possesses a blend of technical and commercial acumen, accumulated over 25 years across multitude of industries and disciplines. Inspired by disruptive thinking and emerging technologies, Ravin has pioneered many innovations in large enterprises as well as startups, with specific interest in the use of biometrics to curb ID&V enterprise and government security together with customer experience challenges.
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