Ravin Sanjith

Program Director, Intelligent Authentication, Opus Research
Ravin Sanjith
Ravin possesses a blend of technical and commercial acumen, accumulated over 25+ years across a multitude of industries and disciplines. Inspired by disruptive thinking and emerging technologies, Ravin has pioneered many innovations in large enterprises as well as startups.

Ravin started his working career in 1992 as an Engineer in the Energy industry, where spent 8 years developing and implementing multiple technologies to optimize performance of electricity distribution networks. He then went on to Financial Services, where he implemented a wide range of bespoke and licensed ERP systems over a period of 10 years. He spent the next decade in a range of technology startups as partner, founder and general intrapreneur.

After holding C-level positions in various industries, Ravin started his own consulting practice in 2010; where he took an interest in the use of biometrics to curb ID&V security and customer experience challenges. He then co-founded OneVault; a global pioneer in delivering Voice Biometrics, where he spent 6 years evangelizing and implementing solutions across the Financial and Telecoms sectors of Africa; and most recently joined Opus Research as Program Director: Intelligent Authentication.

Ravin holds degrees in Engineering and Commerce, as well as an MBA. He is a strong Strategist, Innovator and Implementer. He gets his energy from working through people in taking ideas from concept to profitability; and embraces the challenges of getting things done while having fun.
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