Jason Andersson

Program Director, IDC Research EMEA, Telecom & Networking, IDC
Jason Andersson is responsible for worldwide contact center infrastructure and software research and is a leading member of the EMEA Unified Communications (UC) research team. He assesses the development of Contact Center products and solutions among vendors in the market and evaluates the adoption of Contact Center technology by enterprise customers contemplating the migration of their existing solutions. Mr. Andersson develops IDC's viewpoints on the evolution of Digital Channels, self-service solutions and the use of contact center architecture for business process optimization, and advises enterprise clients on the impact of third platform technologies, digital channels, self-service solutions, mobility and other related contact center solutions on their customer service experience operations.

In the EMEA market Mr. Andersson analyzes the European enterprise communications with a focus on contact centers, unified communications (UC), and social media. He is also responsible for IDC's Nordic Enterprise Communications service and carries out extensive Nordic- and EMEA-based research and consulting covering telecommunications in general, service providers, and vendors in the market. He provides research, market analysis, competitive analysis, case studies, end-user surveys, and related consulting across the enterprise communication application areas.

Before joining IDC, Andersson held a number of roles in the UC, contact center, and telecommunication areas. He has extensive knowledge of the industry, and has been a manager of contact centers with responsibility for global UC/contact center application development. He has practical experience of implementing business models used in the applications industry and has seen first-hand the change from premises-based installations to hosted SaaS solutions. He combines business savvy with technology knowledge and market awareness to offer customers key insights into all types of communication strategies.

Mr. Andersson has an MBA from Heriot-Watt University in Great Britain, and writes for industry magazines and is a regular speaker at international events. He is an American and Swedish citizen and is fluent in both English and Swedish. He lives with his family in Stockholm.
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