Barry Cooper

Chief Operating Officer, NICE
Barry Cooper
Barry Cooper has been with NICE since 2011 and currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of NICE.

As COO, Barry is responsible for sustainable customer success across all customer facing operations including Sales Operations, Professional Services, Customer Support and Cloud Operations. His goal is to drive continuous improvement in our customer’s experience by leveraging methodologies, tools and processes across the customer lifecycle from sales, delivery, support and ongoing operations.

Specializing in organizational development, technology and processes of IT services, Mr. Cooper's rigorous approach to operations allows NICE to operate effectively in highly complex and diverse environments globally.

Prior to joining NICE, Mr. Cooper was a Management Consultant at Accenture; the Head of Customer Service, IT and Billing at Time Telekom, Malaysia; and Vice President of Professional Services, APAC for CSG Systems, later Comverse. ​

​Mr. Cooper holds a First Class Bachelor of Computer Science and Mathematics with Honors from Salford University in the United Kingdom.
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