​Real-Time Fraud Prevention

​​​​​Fraudsters target the contact center

With professional fraud on the rise, contact center vulnerability is more rampant and costly than ever and your customers are relying on you to take all the proper precautions.

The challenge is that keeping the bad guys out usually means making life difficult for your legitimate customers.

But that is no longer the case with NICE Real-Time Fraud Prevention.

Front lin​e protection without the frustration

NICE Real-Time Fraud Prevention allows you to unobtrusively screen all calls using multiple technologies to detect fraud and focus only on high risk ​interactions in real-time.

With NICE Real-Time Fraud Prevention contact centers can:

  • Screen all interactions for fraud using multiple modalities
  • Generate real-​time alerts for high risk interactions
  • Guide agents in real-time to take the next best action during fraudulent interactions
  • Manage and investigate all fraud incidents​

Multi-layered detection for your contact center

NICE Real-Time Fraud Prevention provides ​​multi-layered detection for stopping more fraudsters in real-time, including:

  • ​Voiceprint matching to match the voice of the caller with the suspicious watch list
  • Identifying fraud patterns and social engineering based on speech analytics and agent desktop interactions
  • Assessing the risk of the call with an ANI watch list, as well as other telephony and contextual data
  • Determining behavior anomalies with transactional data
  • Incorporating niche fraud detection technologies into our Integrated Fraud Management Platform ​

Stay one step ahead ​​​of fraudsters

Fraud detection is only half the job. You also have to stop the money leaving the building. NICE offers an end-to-end fraud prevention solution that combines multi-layered fraud detection with the industry leading case management tool - Enterprise Risk Case Manager.

Detect more bad guys with lower false​ positive alerts for drastically reduced fraud losses without frustrating legitimate your customers.​​

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