​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Real-Time​​ Authentication

Changing the conversation from "Who are you?" 

to "How can I help you?"​

Customers don't like the interrogation of the authentication process. It's tedious and there's just too much to remember. Aside from creating a negative customer experience from the outset of the call, the authentication process is costing you time and money.

Do you really need to start every call with a lengthy authentication process?

Definitely not, with NICE Real-Time Authentication.

​Effortless voice authentication

Combining a full set of technologies and real-time capabilities, NICE Real-Time Authentication uses Voice Biometrics to automatically verify the caller's claimed identity. It does this during the first few seconds of a call through natural conversation with an agent or even before the agent picks up the phone, using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). To complete the process, NICE Real-Time Authentication triggers agent guidance or fraud protection actions when needed.

We leverage each customer's unique voice to strengthen and streamline the authentication process allowing contact centers to:

​Cut Contact Center Costs

  • ​Reduce average handle time by 40 seconds per call
  • Contain more calls within self-service​​​ channels
  • Ensure quick high enrollment rates

Boost Customer Satisfaction

  • ​Authenticate customers in no time
  • Zero customer enrollment efforts

Implement and scale with minimal effort​

  • Expedite time-to-value by creating voiceprints for all channels before going live
  • No complex integrations, no hidden costs​​​​​

Authentication across channels starts on day one

Leveraging NICE Recording and using a single voiceprint across channels - Live agent calls, IVR, and Mobile - NICE Real-Time Authentication enrolls the vast majority of your customers before going live  and uses the very same voiceprint to authenticate them on any channel.

Enrollment is done seamlessly - based on a natural conversation with an agent (or an existing call recording), and does not require any effort from the side of the end-customer.

Eliminating the need for active enrollment by customers dramatically increases voice authentication enrollment rates, allowing more customers to be authenticated using voice biometrics, thereby directly impacting your Return on Investment.

Cutting contact center costs x2​

Not only will you be making your customers' lives easier, you will be saving their time as well as yours. NICE's Real-Time Authentication reduces handle time on average by 40 seconds per call. Multiply that by millions of calls a year, and it adds up to significant savings for your contact center!

Do you prefer to reduce costs by keeping more calls in self-service channels? Real-Time Authentication helps you with that too. Being more secure than any traditional method, using voice authentication you can shift more call types from agents to self-service channels and reduce call volume to the contact center. With the highest authentication level in the industry, it is now up to you to decide which calls you want to contain in self-service and when you want your customers to speak to an agent. ​​​


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