​​​​​​​​​Enterprise Fraud Prevention​​

​​Your customers are using more channels and demanding more services while fraudsters are evolving and seeking to exploit your weakest link. At the same time, regulators are increasing their focus on fraud operations, models, and processes. These constantly evolving market and fraud trends require adaptable and responsive fraud management on your part. ​Our market-leading Enterprise Fraud Prevention solutions enable you to deliver real-time, customer-centric fraud prevention that supports a holistic, fraud management program. 

The NICE Actimize open platform provides effective enterprise-wide fraud controls to help you increase operational efficiency while reducing your fraud losses and reputational damage.

Why NICE Actimiz​e for fraud detection & prevention?

  • Experience - Comprehensive domain expertise in financial crime and compliance solutions
  • End-to-End -​ Enterprise fraud management platform, protects the full payment lifecycle
  • Industry-Proven - ​Holistic approach with proven models 
  • Agile - Open platform with built-in flexibility to support the entire fraud ecosystem

Digital Banking Fraud​

Optimized fraud defenses for the ever-changing digital banking environment. Our Digital Banking Fraud Hub helps you simplify your overall approach to fraud management while improving customer experience and protecting you and your customers.


​Payment Fraud

Specific, extensible fraud protection for all of your payment types. Allow good customer transactions to process faster and without disruption, ensuring a customer-convenient approach to payment fraud protection.


Card & ​​Emerging Payments Fraud

Fraud protection for traditional and emerging payment forms. Protect your institution from fraud liability and negative brand reputation.​​


Check ​​Fraud

Detection and prevention of check fraud for faster funds availability. Avoid the risks of fraudsters looking to deliberately manipulate check deposits and defraud your bank. Protect your bank from risk while satisfying legitimate customers with faster funds availability.


Internal Threats​

Comprehensive and effective employee fraud monitoring. Reduce internal risk and fraud threats with the ability to identify multiple types of violations and build effective cases to protect your organization.


Fraud Consulting & Services

Strategic fraud management to achieve your business goals. Connect your business, customer vision, and strategy with a measurable fraud prevention approach that evolves with changing risk and thr​eat environments.​​​​

Contact Center Fraud Prevention 
R​educe fraud losses and improve customer experience. End-to-end fraud protection combines multi-layered fraud detection with case management tools.



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