Senior Specialist Dev Ops Engineer

Support | Pune, India | INDIA

Main Responsibilities Main Responsibilities and Deliverables: 
1. Manage/support the rollout, scalability and execution of the automation as it is consumed by the various teams 
2. Ensure automation services scales to handle rapid growth
3. Using the automations, establish the ability to measure and optimize system health and performance.  
4. On an ongoing basis; configure, tune and troubleshoot automations to achieve optimal application performance and stability
5. Strong scripting experience with; Bash, Ruby, Python, Java.
6. Solid experience working with commercial grade automated deployment & configuration mgmt. tools such as; Puppet, Chef, Cloudify, CFEngine.  (Puppet skills strongly coveted.) 
7. Strong “hands-on” experience with open source and provisioning tools such as;  Cobbler, Foreman, PHP, and Linux or other likewise open source systems, tools /utilities.
8. Strong senior level Linux & Windows OS experience & troubleshooting skills
9. Experience with application debugging, performance, scalability & capacity planning expertise
10. Manage full system lifecycle of automations including configuration and code deployment in user acceptance test and production environments
11. Improve automated product performance health checks and “self-healing” capabilities in complex highly available Cloud environments.
12. Participates and assists to drive the automation tools roadmap to increase availability, performance and reduce support demands.
13. Drive the adoption of Infrastructure as Code in a DevOps oriented organization
14. Partner with R&D teams to engineer resilient, supportable and scalable products
15. Architect solutions to leverage the best of Cloud infrastructure
16. Experience with tools and software such as Urban Code, Hadoop, Tomcat, Mule, OpenAM and Apache
17. Experience with F5 load balancers, networking theory and protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, NTP, DNS) and hardware components.

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