Product Manager

Product Management | Chicago, IL, United States | AMERICAS
At Mattersight we help our clients improve their customer experience organization. When customers call in, our Predictive Behavioral Routing application uses machine learning and AI to analyze all prior interactions with customers and match customers with the best representative available.

Product Managers at Mattersight drive the vision and direction of their product. They represent their users, their engineers, and the market by distilling their competing needs into a well-defined direction and executing on it.

This Product Manager role will be responsible for ensuring Mattersight’s growth by defining the strategy for new and scalable integrations for the Predictive Behavioral Routing product. This role will work closely with Sales, Marketing, and customers to understand integration needs and market trends, will work with engineering teams to develop new integrations and ensure billions of transactions are processed in milliseconds, and will do it while leveraging the latest technologies. In addition to using exciting technologies to drive growth, this role will exercise sound data-driven decision-making skills as well as strong communication skills to articulate strategy, requirements, plans to a variety of audiences and foster high performance across a cross-functional team.


• Conduct data analysis and market research
• Define direction and strategy to support business growth
• Define requirements, priorities, and roadmap
• Work with engineering teams to refine, build, and deliver new products and features
• Serve as product expert for troubleshooting, configuring, and implementing software
• Present, educate, and align teams to new functionality and product direction


• Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
• 3+ years of relevant work experience
• Experience in software requirement definition
• Fluency with current execution paradigms (Kanban, Agile Scrum, etc.)
• Strong analytic and data-driven decision-making skills
• Comfortable working in a fast-paced, loosely structured environment


• Experience with query languages (SQL)
• Experience with 3rd party cloud (AWS) native applications
• Experience with telephony platforms (Cisco, Avaya, Genesys)


Have you ever spoken with someone and felt as though you just clicked? The magical feeling you get is the result of a personality connection. NICE-Mattersight creates that feeling every day, in call centers and companies around the world, through a unique suite of enterprise software solutions.
We have analyzed over a billion interactions for leading healthcare, travel and hospitality, financial, insurance, tech, telecom, utilities and other clients, and built more than 10 million (and counting) behavioral algorithms that leverage a world-renowned personality model. The resulting products help employees and customers have smoother, faster, more productive conversations with each other—in short, better chemistry.

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