Digital Copy Manager (Growth, Celebrity Campaigns, and More!)

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Digital Copy Manager (Growth, Celebrity Campaigns, and More!)
Are your aspirations as high as your energy?
Does your mind work as quickly as technology changes?
We want to know: Are you NICE?


Let’s open with sharing our commitment to Diversity, Inclusion, & Equity. We hire to increase Diversity of Thought regardless of any characteristics protected by law (age, race, sex, etc.) or common sense. Examples of often-unprotected identities/attributes that we recognize have nothing to do with how you’ll perform at work include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexual Orientation (we are an LQBTQA+ safe space!)
  • Ice Cream Flavor Preference
  • What Game of Thrones Character You Are
  • Affinity for Reddit
  • Thoughts on Yankees vs Red Sox (JK this one is serious—DON’T MAKE THE WRONG CALL)

Jokes aside, we pride ourselves on being forward-thinking and logical: The bottom line is that we’re all human—no matter what class/caste, neurotype, or Hogwarts House. Efficiency in a business run by humans (mainly humans—we are a tech co after all) requires providing an inclusive environment that enables every employee to work to the best of their ability.


We’re lovers, not fighters, so our tech is less sci-fi horror and more the warm-and-fuzzy Will Smith flick vibe. But our products do use Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and ridiculously advanced analytics to SAVE THE WORLD.


Our environmentally safe solutions do everything from preventing devastating financial crime, to powering life-saving crisis contact centers, to predicting your personality, and much more.

Before you let that last example lead you down a googling rabbit hole, let’s chat digital content and how you might be able to use your skills to do cool things you actually care about  #lifegoals

We’re creating a new role to help us upgrade our digital content for campaigns like our new one with Gordon Ramsey:

The Digital Copywriting Manager is a key member of the strategic team for special global campaigns, working the full campaign cycle from brainstorming and planning through execution for ~5-6 live campaigns a year and their evolving iterations. The Digital Copywriting Manager reports to the Global Campaign Manager, who has a thoughtful, strategic management approach designed to actively cultivate a space where risk-taking and innovation is rewarded. You will be extremely visible to upper management, and will work closely with various senior stakeholders, including the VP of Global Marketing.



We know you’re not necessarily going to nail our favorite Prince song at office karaoke, or bake us pies just because, so let’s keep it to the must-haves: Our newest work buddy is obsessed with content-related adventuring, and gets that the voice of cutting-edge tech can’t, ahem, be robotic (there’s a Ben Stein joke in here somewhere and I’ll definitely read your resume if you send it to me!). The Digital Copywriting Manager should geek out about:

  • Determining key messaging as needed for different mediums, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other digital platforms.
  • Writing and editing novel, creative, and grammatical content across varied digital channels, such as video ads, banners, landing pages, etc.
  • Conceptualizing campaigns with the content strategy team to create cross-platform plans (alliteration alert!).
  • Analyzing campaigns, performing a/b testing, and measuring results and indicators such as CTR.
  • Using data insights to upgrade campaigns as needed to drive leads and sales opportunities (being a Google Analytics nerd helps!)
  • Reinventing content to create the sexiest copy, increase campaign scale, and otherwise spice up projects.
  • Building strong relationships with internal stakeholders and collaborating cross-functionally with your sister marketing teams and the various lines of business.
  • Knowing best practices and what the competition is up to, but refusing to let status quo or convention stifle your vision.
  • Handling cool stuff that brings the campaign to life, like choosing the actors and dealing with your friends asking you to please just make it Game of Thrones themed just this one time!
  • Occasional ad hoc projects because your game is so on point that Product Marketing wants in!

We’re not asking for hard requirements like years of experience or a specific degree because that doesn’t correlate with success. We’re pretty sure you’re an adult* and can independently evaluate if you have the appropriate experience in digital content and complex global campaigns to rationalize applying.

*If you’re not an adult, feel free to apply anyway—I am all in for hiring the Marketing version of Doogie Howser.


Go ahead and apply here (if it takes you longer than 30-60 seconds that’s on you and your iPhone 4), BUT if you want increase the chances I’ll notice your skills, find and email me directly with your resume and a creative suggestion for how to improve this ad!


You know that quote about how if you love your job you never work a day in your life?

That’s sweet and all, but we know that loving your job means you work even harder and will need TLC and “me time.”

Here’s some of the ways we help:

  • Competitive base salary, bonuses, and a deeply ingrained "pay for performance" philosophy.
  • Incredible contests with prizes such as trips to Paris, London, exotic islands, and more. 
  • Individual & family health, dental, vision, life and AD&D, STD, LTD, HSA, flex spending account, Employee Assistance Program, etc.
  • Pet insurance, because we know you need to back up your best friend too.
  • Ongoing training and development, and company-paid education assistance.
  • Company-funded 401k contribution.
  • Generous PTO, vacation, personal days, sick days, and time for when you need a little more (parental, bereavement, etc.)
  • Highly direct communication culture that’s a RELIEF to those of us who value straight shooting
  • Commitment to corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community.
  • Results-oriented culture where everyone works hard, but has a life outside work.
  • Fun events and celebrations such as end-of-quarter parties, retreats, game-filled events, and more!   


More About Being NICE:
NICE Ltd is a publicly traded tech leader (NASDAQ: Nice) with a market cap of $7 Billion, 5 year stock growth of almost 300%, and accolades ranging from Most Innovative Company to #1 on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Our solutions use advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics to do everything from preventing devastating financial crime, to powering life-saving crisis contact centers, to predicting your personality, and much more.

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