Customer Operations Advisor

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Customer Operations Advisor

Location: Greater Salt Lake City, UT area

The Customer Operations Advisor (COA) will be accountable for delivering world class customer service to inContact's internal and external Customers. The COA will be utilized to provide back-up support to the Service teams, therefore would be required to have understanding of the Service teams duties, in support of the customer lifecycle. This position is primarily responsible for handling operational and tactical work associated with change management of existing business accounts, including but not limited to the following work and service order activities:
  • Contract Renewal Processing
  • SoftPhone activation/deactivation
  • Toll Free / DID Adds / Changes
  • RespOrgs
  • Equipment Orders
  • Account / product disconnections
  • Port Adjustments
  • Survey Transcription
  • FTP / Survey Agent List Processing
  • Survey System Usage Analysis
The Customer Operations Advisor will assist with tactical duty process documentation, training, and mentoring of new hires.

As a Customer Operations Advisor, a Typical Day Might Include the Following:
  • MAC Work Orders – Move, Add, and Change services (i.e Toll Free, DID, VoIP, SIP, etc.)
    • Ensure proper paperwork is obtained
    • Ensure provisioning completed
    • Add services and fee's to Billing system
    • Work with IT on errors or issues
    • Test services – engage customer if necessary
  • Billing Inquires
    • Research customer inquiries regarding billing
    • Work with Billing, IT, Voice Engineering, R&D, COGS on errors or issues
  • Billing introductory Customer call
    • Scheduled call with NEW customers to review:
    • Contract
    • When billing will start for products purchased
    • When Tech MRC will start billing
  • Contract Audit
    • Audit of a customer's contract and billing to ensure setup in CostGuard (CG) to confirm that the account is setup correctly in accordance with the customer's contract terms.
  • 1st & 3rd Invoice Review Customer call
    • Scheduled call with the customer to ensure comprehension of the invoice
  • Review Credits
    • Review all credits submitted and process according to our Adjustment Policy

To Land This Gig You'll Need:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Business Management or related field or equivalent work experience required
  • 5+ years' experience in a Call Center/Customer Service environment
  • Basic understanding of telephony concepts and terminology
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Works well in a fast-paced environment
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications
Bonus Experience:
  • 2+ years applicable service experience within the contact center industry
  • Advanced Excel knowledge
  • Advanced Costguard knowledge
  • Working technical knowledge of contact center software/design/functionality
  • Experience working with OLAs and SLAs
  • Experience processing SQL reports
  • Experience creating and analyzing reports in a contact center environment

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