Work Smarter, Not Harder

Taking an Intelligent
Approach to WFM

Agent satisfaction plays a key role in determining the overall success of your contact center. In this video series, experts in workforce management and employee engagement discuss how you can efficiently empower and engage your teams. Learn more about how the capabilities provided by NICE Workforce Management (WFM) and Employee Engagement Manager (EEM), from forecasting and planning to scheduling, managing change and more, can transform your workforce.

WFM Forecasting with AI

Leverage Algorithms that Fit Your Data

Enhanced Strategic Planner

Create plans the CFO wants to se

Availability Points

Drive Agent Satisfaction and Business Results

Machine Learning

Create a Fair Workplace

Net Staffing Heat Map

Customize for Your Needs

Agent Preferences

Offer Scheduling Flexibility While Ensuring Coverage

WFM Made Easy

Focus on What Matters Most

Shift Bidding

Give Your Agents a Voice

Tracking Adherence

Monitor Agents in Real-Time

Managing Change

Monitor Your Forecast vs. Actual Easily

Staff Optimization

Solve Your Most Pressing Staffing Challenges

Employee Engagement

Move Your Contact Center to the Next Generation

Managing Performance

Fix Problems Before They Arise

Attrition and Retention

Reduce Attrition in Your Contact Center

Optimizing your WFM

Improve Your WFM System

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