The Programme at a Glance

There’s no better conference for learning and sharing ideas about improving customer experience, operational efficiency and ensuring compliance than Interactions EMEA 2019 which has over 25 sessions, many of them led by industry experts and NICE customers. The conference features a rich array of breakout tracks dedicated to helping you and your organisation succeed in areas such as customer experience, operational efficiency and compliance. In addition, you will hear from visionary keynote speakers that will inform, challenge and inspire you.

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3 June: Partners Day

If you’re a new or established NICE business partner, join our top executives, market-leading solution experts and leverage our best practices for selling NICE, share your success stories and exchange information.

The Partners Day’s fully loaded agenda will conclude with an exciting Business Partner awards dinner where we will recognise our top contributors from 2018 and raise the bar for 2019.

4 June: Sessions

Learn from our experts about the various NICE solutions during the sessions on 4 June, hosted by NICE Education services. Choose from the following five workshops which will feature hand-on training and demos on live systems and the sharing of best practice:


Join us at the Automation Track to learn about:

  • How NICE is leading the way with virtual assistant technology that will shape the workplace of tomorrow, where robots and people work in full collaboration to achieve common goals.
  • How smart AI diagnostic tools are revolutionising the discovery of business processes best suited for automation. We will also take a glimpse into the near future where robots will be automatically building other robots, at the touch of a button.
  • Our unique integration approach, which enables the seamless combination of both attended and unattended automations, and how this supports digital transformation.

This is your chance to meet our top RPA experts to hear all the facts, best practices and of course to address all of your RPA related questions and challenges.

Contact Centre Recording, Compliance & Biometrics

Now that GDPR and MIFID2 are already in place and rocking our world, adding cloud transformation, biometrics and omni-channel trends, makes 2019 a challenging, yet exciting year. Join us for this recording, compliance & biometrics focused event to learn more about the requirements of these regulations, how we can help you with voice authentication and pro-active fraud, the best practices of cloud transformation and how to boost your plans in 2019. Compliance & cloud - it doesn't have to be complex!

Net Promoter® Masterclass

Join us for a rare, in-person version of our Net Promoter® Masterclass, a comprehensive offering on voice of the customer best practices, specifically developed for the digital age. The course covers both the science and the art of VOC, with topics including data, analytics, program organisation, the economics of CX, and more. Quizzes throughout lead to your completed certificate by the day’s end. You’ll do an hour or so of online prep work to get the most from the 9:00 to 5:00 session. Developed by our strategic partner Owen CX, whose founder is behind the thought leadership that turned Net Promoter from an idea to an industry-defining discipline, the course is a game-changer that is usually available only online. Join us! This valuable offering increases the cost of your conference registration from £299 to £694.

Quality Management & Analytics

We welcome you to discussions on how to leverage NICE Quality Central and Nexidia Customer Engagement Analytics to transform your organisation. We will explore the value of using analytics to deliver automated quality management across 100% interactions and different contact channels (email, chat). Discover the variety of positive improvements you can make using analytics and quality to drive reduced costs, increased sales effectiveness, increased customer satisfaction and identify regulatory and compliance risk within interactions.

Trading Floor & Compliance

During this user group session, we will discuss the latest regulations around communications compliance. We will share updates on the NICE Communication Compliance solutions, including the short and long-term product roadmap and will have an open discussion on the latest trends with regards to Technology, Cloud and Unified Communications.

Workforce Management

Hear the latest updates, adopt best practices and share experiences around your existing workforce management investment and how additional modules, Employee Engagement Manager (EEM) and Advanced Forecasting with AI, also extends and enhances the existing WFM functionality. We will expose you to the insights, tips and expertise to help you gain skills that you can instantly take back to your place of work so that your business can build on the improvements that your WFM investment has made to your operation.

5 June: Customer Conference Breakout Tracks

We are pleased to announce SIX great breakout tracks that will provide you with exciting insights into how to optimise your NICE solution and improve business performance

Track topics to include:

Making Smart Customer Connections with Analytics and Quality Management

Who Should Attend:

Explore the different ways organisations are making smarter connections with their customers and driving customer experience excellence. Learn why speech, text and desktop analytics are valuable tools for identifying opportunities to improve contact center efficiency, and how to analytics insights can transform quality management into powerful metrics-based performance programs. Find out more on innovative best practices that put businesses of all sizes and types in the top tier, by using analytics to transform their organisations while enabling agents to perform at their best.

Picture Customer Feedback Management

Who Should Attend:

It’s a fact: Customer feedback management is a must-have if you’re serious about delivering a customer experience that sets you apart. See how NICE Satmetrix customers rely on our customer feedback management solution to uncover game-changing VOC insights and drive unprecedented organisational engagement with CX. Boosted by integrations to the NICE portfolio, we’re taking customer feedback management to the next level. Join in!

Innovations in RPA and AI

Who Should Attend:

This track will reveal how organisations are using automation solutions to simplify, improve and even remove time-consuming desktop and back office processes. Learn how process complexity can be streamlined for much greater operational efficiency and explore the latest innovations in Robotic Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Employee Assistants.

Driving Employee Engagement

Who Should Attend:

Discover how different organisations are transforming agents to partners in their schedules using the many scheduling paradigms in WFM along with the power of EEM to drive VTO, Extra Hours and reducing churn. The process of engagement does not end with the schedule but also in the execution of the schedule which is where the Intraday Management of WFM and Performance Management are used to communicate individual goals and data with transparency, target coaching for specific behaviors and track overall coaching effectiveness. In this session you will uncover new ways to motivate and engage your employees, making them own and feel part of the process, using gamification and other industry best practices

CXone Omnichannel Experience

Who Should Attend:

Delivering exceptional customer experiences, across every channel, every time is becoming the new competitive benchmark across industries. But how do you elevate your CX and handle increasing interaction volumes – all with a flat budget? Learn from your peers at leading organisations on how they managed to both cut costs and improve CX by modernising their contact centre to CXone – a complete, unified and intelligent suite of applications in the cloud.

Financial Compliance

Who Should Attend:

See how your peers are using new trade compliance recording, assurance, analytics and surveillance solutions to reduce risk, save time and money, and adhere to stricter turnaround times for regulator requests. Learn about new capabilities for automated reconciliation and provisioning, system health checks, call extraction, compliance assurance reporting, voice transcription and managed services.

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