Workforce Optimization

Engaged Employees: The Key to Customer Satisfaction

Most companies face competing pressures. Customers expect improved service while the business demands reduced cost. How can you achieve both ends? You need deeply engaged employees.

NICE can help you transform your work culture so that each employee is more committed to delivering a great customer experience. We give your people the tools and information they need to do their best work. 

Engage your Employees

More than 70% of Service Workers are not engaged in their work – and this carries high costs from turnover, lost productivity and customer churn. NICE Workforce Optimization engages your employees to deliver a better customer experience at lower cost.

NICE Workforce Optimization Solution

NICE WFO has consistently transformed companies by engaging employees across three dimensions:

  • Transparency. Only NICE has a Performance System that can serve as a single source of truth—connecting systems from across your organization. No more silos. Align your employees around clear, individual goals and performance data.
  • Insight. NICE puts insight at the fingertips of the frontline. Each employee can drill from surface metric to root cause to understand how they can improve. Only NICE applies speech analytics and text analytics in real-time to guide interactions.
  • Motivation. NICE helps supervisors target their coaching energy at the people and topics that will benefit most. Amplify this change with social technologies to encourage collaboration and gamification to focus every employee on the right objectives and behaviors. 

More than 80 of the Fortune 100 and 75% of the ‘Top Places to Work’ in the world use NICE to engage each and every one of their employees. The result is a better customer experience at a lower cost.

Start Transforming Your Culture Today

Let us tailor NICE Workforce Optimization to your specific business needs, helping you find the right point of entry and setting a complete transformation roadmap. Our suite can be implemented on-premise, as a hosted solution or via software as a service (SaaS).