Holistic Surveillance Enablement

Thu. 26 Jan. 2016 10am (NYC) / 15:00 (UK)

Detecting Compliance Risks by Analyzing Trader Behavior

Use of profiling, trends and pattern detection

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Can you cope with the ongoing policy changes and new requirements to compliance management? Behavioral analytics is providing new ways of working with data, and incorporating insight into the business. You are now able to work with the full dataset in analyzing potential financial crime, allowing you to get the complete picture on potentially noteworthy incidents and trends. And with the ability to work across multiple data types, such as voice, chat, email, and logs, will be key for tackling insider misconduct risks.

The challenge

One of the key challenges in tackling compliance issues is that it is increasingly being perpetrated by fraudulent traders who have an understanding of fraud detection methods, and will try to game the system accordingly. This means that you need to detect and adjust behavioral models to events with a low degree of latency. New technology in a real-time setting have the ability for models in the background to continuously be updated through machine learning.


During this informative webinar you will learn how you can leverage behavioral analytics to enhance your existing compliance program. Additionally, we will cover important new regulation that banks will need to decide if these new technology can help them address. Finally we will cover use cases for behavioral analytics as part of a robust compliance program and how banks are using this technology today to enhance their existing surveillance program.


  • Current and new regulations that will influence your compliance program
  • How to use behavioral analytics to enhance your compliance program
  • Use cases for behavioral analytics as part of a robust compliance program