NiceVision Net

Hybrid/IP Video Surveillance and Management Solutions

Versatile enough to fit any environment, NiceVision Net 2.5 is an enterprise-class system that maximizes your video surveillance solutions with unique video enhancement tools, integrated video analytics and an open, IT-friendly design that delivers extreme performance. Offering the best TCO (total cost of ownership) and unsurpassed reliability, NiceVision Net 2.5 has various product packages thatgive you smart IP video surveillance designed to work in and for your environment. 


The NiceVision Net software solution, which can be provided as turnkey solution, is comprised of smart video recorders, a ControlCenter solution and video analytics. The solution also comes with an extensive SDK, which enables the easy integration of third-party security systems with NiceVision Net.


NiceVision Net 2.5 provides you with investment protection and a smooth migration path from analog to IP/digital technologies, with a unique hybrid video management offering that improves your analog cameras’ performance and saves you money at the same time.


NiceVision Net can be further enhanced by Situator Express, an add-on advanced management layer residing on top of NiceVision. The open solution fuses NiceVision Net with additional security systems including multi-vendor video management systems (VMS), access control and intrusion and fire detection to provide unified situational awareness.  

IP Video Surveillance Solution for Security-Conscious Environments 

NiceVision Net 2.5 allows you to maximize video technology with an enterprise class, open-platform IP-based system that provides continuous surveillance coverage and control for any size environment. As a complete, end-to-end IP video surveillance system, each component of NiceVision Net 2.5 is managed centrally from the NiceVision ControlCenter. It includes high-performance Smart Video Recorders (SVRs); advanced video analytics; 24x7 video capabilities; a selection of encoders and decoders; IP video management; and feature-rich event management and control room visualization.


With unsurpassed recorder throughput and a versatile turnkey portfolio, NiceVision Net 2.5 provides a fully scalable network IP video management and recording solution that can grow from a few cameras in one location to hundreds or thousands over multiple sites — even for megapixel camera deployments. The solution’s open architecture and ONVIF support enables easy integration with third-party devices. NiceVision Net offers a smooth migration from analog to IP with video encoders and a unique Hybrid-NVR solution including video tools that maximize existing analog assets for a gradual, cost-effective migration. NiceVision Net 2.5 is available in versatile packages: eXpress, Professional and Enterprise; either as a turnkey delivery or software kit that can be installed on customer-selected servers or servers certified by NICE.


Learn the Elements of MOVE

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NiceVision Net Components 

Smart Network Video Recorders

NiceVision Hybrid SVRs are complete, high-performance network recording and hybrid video management solutions designed to fit various environments – including yours. The state-of-the-art video recording, video value-added services and analytics can turn any channel into a smart one. The SVR 9000 family is fully scalable and can simultaneously manage encoders with third-party IP devices while offering a unique migration path from analog to IP using its hybrid form.


NiceVision ControlCenter management components

Virtual Matrix (VMX) — a cost-effective alternative to an analog matrix

Event management — for real time monitoring and advanced investigation

Web and smartphone solution — enables on-the-move security on any web-based device

Web deployment — for easy installation and launch of NICE ControlCenter applications



NiceVision encoders enable you to seamlessly record, manage and analyze high-quality 4CIF real-time video images from analog cameras over an IP network.



NiceVision NVD 5204 and NVD 1002 are high-quality video decoders that enable video streams from IP networks to be displayed in real time on a variety of monitors. NiceVision decoders support a wide range of video sources —all controlled by one unified management application.


NiceVision Video Analytics

Powered by field-proven algorithms, NiceVision Video Analytics improves the effectiveness of your existing video surveillance solutions with proactive alerts to potential unfolding events.  With applications for Perimeter Intrusion Detection, Crowd Management and Situation Indication, you’ll know what is happening as it’s happening for a substantially improved response. 


NiceVision Net 2.5 secures your mission-critical infrastructure while it delivers measurable operational benefits. Its evolutionary nature enables you to continually upgrade your systems while maintaining compatibility with existing infrastructure. With NiceVision Net 2.5, your migration path to a fully digital world couldn’t be simpler and doesn’t require expensive IT overhauls. Similarly, with Smart Video Recorder (SVR) you can apply video analytics to any channel you want, regardless of your edge devices’ capabilities.


Maximizing video 

  • Advanced video enhancement tools for supreme video quality and integrity
  • Real-time monitoring and decision-making tools
  • Advanced investigative tools
  • Beneficial operational insights
  • Anytime, anywhere management with web and smartphone clients

Open & IT friendly

  • Compliant with IT standards requirements
  • Open architecture
  • Bi-directional integrations enhance functionality of all components —new and existing
  • High availability for 24/7 operations

Versatile offering

  • Suitable and affordable for and project type and size with eXpress, Professional and Enterprise packages; available as a software kit or turnkey solution

Extreme performance:

  • Leading recording performance for lower CAPEX and OPEX
  • Video quality, integrity and solution reliability lowers OPEX
  • Smooth, cost-effective migration to IP technology 



NiceVision Net 2.5 delivers complete, end-to-end IP video surveillance that captures, records, analyzes, investigates and visualizes. With an open platform that supports ONVIF standards, Net 2.5 provides you with maximum flexibility by seamlessly integrating with new and existing edge devices, as well as security management and access control systems.And with no special client download needed, Net 2.5 web and smartphone support allows access to your surveillance system from anywhere, anytime.


ControlCenter main features

  • Multi-monitor, multi-tabbed video management
  • Advanced user profile and privileges management
  • Advanced event management
  • Easy video export and archiving
  • Visual Navigation search
  • Seamless connectivity with smartphones and web clients
  • Streamlined management and reduced cost of ownership with NiceVision Virtual Matrix (VMX), substituting traditional analog matrices
  • Advanced and visual query capabilities and synchronized video


Video enhancement tools

  • Smart video analytics for security and business insight
  • Ensured video quality with NiceVision Camera Tampering detection (CT) solution and its Visual Parameter Optimizer (VPO), which automatically enhance video quality


Open & IT friendly

  • Standard infrastructure support for operating systems, databases and maintenance tools
  • Zero-point-of-failure architecture with redundancy and resiliency options for all system components
  • Advanced and comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK), reduces implementation time and effort in integrating all system components
  • Support for virtualization


Sizing, planning and maintenance tools

  • Dedicated design tool for integrators and A&Es, enabling cost-effective system design
  • Recording information report provides a complete view ofsolution deployment for auditing and inventory