NiceVision Net Product Packages

For Small and Mid-Sized Deployments

Security conscious organizations come in all shapes and sizes.  Some span an entire nation such as railways and some are confined to a smaller area such as a national monument or educational institution. Regardless of their size, they require effective security solutions.  Understanding this, NICE has developed customized packages that address the needs of all organizations with next-generation, enterprise-class, open-platform IP video surveillance solutions. Available as software kits or turnkey solutions, NiceVision Net Product Packages fit your needs.

NiceVision eXpress

NiceVision eXpress is our smallest recording and management solution and is optimized for smaller sites. Perfect for pilot projects and customers such as corporate and retail facilities, educational institutions and banks, NiceVision eXpress is an enterprise-class solution for the small-scale facility or installation. Future ready and completely scalable, the NiceVision eXpress package is easily upgraded at any time. NiceVision eXpress is the first step towards expanding your IP video surveillance platform. 


NiceVision eXpress' main features include:

  • Support for up to 64 cameras and 4 users
  • Single-server solution
  • Integration-ready (1 SDK license included) 
  • Availability in bundles of: 16/32/48/64 channels


NiceVision Professional

This recording and management solution has been tailored for mid-sized deployments. Organizations such as mass transit and critical-services facilities such as power plants and commercial compounds will be well served by NiceVision Professional. Upgrading or expanding the NiceVision Professional package is a seamless process as the entire system has been designed to be easily expandable.

NiceVision Professional's main features include:

  • Multi-server solution
  • Support for up to 200 cameras and 20 users
  • Multiple recording sites
  • Centralized and localized monitoring
  • Optional advanced features such as:
    • Video Parameter Optimizer (VPO)
    • Camera Tampering (CT)
    • Direct Streamlining
    • Multicast


NiceVision Enterprise

Designed for large-scale deployments, the NiceVision Enterprise solution is ideal for environments such as airports, railways (freight and passenger) and city centers. Allowing for an unlimited number of cameras and users, the Enterprise solution is both future-ready and scalable. Supporting all of NiceVision’s state-of-the-art value-added features including field-proven video analytics, provides you with a highly effective and robust security solution.


NiceVision Enterprise's main features include:

  • Ideal for large-scale, multi-site deployments
  • Support for an unlimited number of cameras and users
  • Optional features such as:
    • Advanced resilience features
    • Field-proven video analytics
    • Site redundancy
    • Active Directory integration
  • Advanced features included in channel price as a standard:
    • Video Parameter Optimizer (VPO)
    • Camera Tampering (CT)
    • Direct Streamlining and Multicast


Future-ready and backward-compatible, NiceVision Net Product Packages can easily expand as your capacity and capability needs grow, providing a seamless upgrade path and protecting your investment. They also feature a user-friendly, unified management application with advanced event management capabilities.

NiceVision Net Product Packages deliver the advanced functionality of enterprise-class solutions for any-sized environment.

NiceVision Net Product Packages allow you to cost-effectively secure your mission-critical infrastructure, while delivering valuable operational benefits. With NiceVision’s next-generation, enterprise-class IP video surveillance solution, your organization does not have to compromise on security or quality. Easy and cost-effective to implement and fully upgradeable, NiceVision Net Product Packages enable you to:


  • Maximize your investment by providing a premium, upgradeable, enterprise-class solution at a competitive price
  • Chart a seamless upgrade path to future capacity and capability needs
  • Integrate it with edge devices as well as security management and access control systems for full-fledged security functionality
  • Gain advanced Situation Management and superior video quality 
  • Choose a software-only or turnkey solution— whatever best suits your needs

Future-ready and backward-compatible, NiceVision Net Product Packages have been specifically designed to allow expansion of both features and functionality— a key consideration for all organizations conscious of security and cost. Its management application controls all NiceVision products, centralizing and simplifying surveillance operations. NiceVision Net Product Packages offer these additional capabilities:


  • Supports IP, analog and hybrid environments, all from a single provider
  • Provides an advanced graphic user interface with multi-screen viewing, maps and user-defined views for complete situational awareness
  • Provides advance video authentication for iron-clad evidence in investigations
  • Enables instant scenario reconstruction for real-time event investigation
  • Integrates with NICE Inform for full event reconstruction and investigation collaboration
  • Integrates with third-party security and safety systems for advanced security capabilities