Video Analytics

The Smart Surveillance System

NiceVision Video Analytics takes your security operations to the next level. Powered by field-proven algorithms, NiceVision Video Analytics improves the effectiveness of your existing surveillance systems. NiceVision Analytics is a part NICE’s complete video surveillance solution and is fully integrated into the recording infrastructure, NICE offers extensive field experience and professional services to guarantee the success of your video analytics implementation.

As the number of cameras deployed across a video surveillance network increases, security personnels' ability to attentively scan them decreases. Having an intelligent system that can accurately and immediately detect and alert staff to suspicious activity is crucial. NiceVision Video Analytics proactively alerts security workers to incidents in real time, helping them see and respond to threats sooner, rather than later.

Included in the NiceVision Video Analytics portfolio are field-proven applications for perimeter protection intrusion management, crowd management and situation indication— all of which are fully integrated with all NiceVision products. They ensure that all security processes— from recording to investigation— are enabled to present alerts, highlight decision data and facilitate complex surveillance operations.
NiceVision Video Analytics is available as an edge solution on NiceVision’s encoder as well as a server-based solution for smart NVR platforms, which provide integrated recording and analytics.
To achieve the full potential of NiceVision Video Analytics, NICE experts work with you to set your system’s objectives, consult on its design, manage installation and set-up, and fine-tune performance in ongoing improvement cycles.
NiceVision Video Analytics provides the clarity, immediacy and vision your security personnel need to focus on making decisions and effectively resolving events instead of simply monitoring feeds.
NiceVision Video Analytics supports any kind of camera and edge device, protecting your existing investments. Its advanced filters ensure reliability despite environmental conditions such as clouds, fog and wind. It also empowers your security operations to automatically detect and identify potential incidents and respond more intelligently to events as they unfold. Thus, you can:


  • Use your security resources more effectively by focusing their attention on decision-making rather than detection
  • Move from a reactive to preventive surveillance strategy
  • Accelerate response time to threats, mitigating or even eliminating risk


Public transportation
  • Alerts for hazardous situations at bridges and level crossings 
  • Detects unauthorized personnel in tunnels and on tracks 
  • Provides platform crowd management 
  • Protects train yards and depots 
  • Identifies queuing and crowd bottlenecks
  • Provides perimeter protection 
  • Detects bottlenecks at security checks, gates and check-in counters 
  • Identifies breaches in gate security 
  • Indicates overcrowding throughout the terminal 
  • Monitors queue formations 
  • Detects potential threats in terminals and parking areas from vehicles or unattended baggage
  • Detects runway and taxiway breaches by unauthorized vehicles
Critical infrastructure, educational and correctional facilities
  • Issues alerts for suspicious activity anywhere within the perimeter 
  • Detects loitering 
  • Indicates overcrowding 
  • Identifies unauthorized vehicles
City centers
  • Alerts when crowds gather near sensitive locations 
  • Detects intrusions in restricted or dangerous areas 
  • Identifies vehicles blocking lanes or access 
  • Issues alerts regarding traffic congestion 
  • Reports double-parked vehicles 
  • Monitors occupancy levels at designated locations
Camera Tampering Detection
  • Guarantees video image integrity for 24/7 operation 
  • Protects your video surveillance investment
NiceVision's Smart Video Recorder (SVR) software is a state-of-the-art analytics and recording solution. The Smart Video Recorder (SVR) allows for the dynamic allocation of analytics channels from the available video channels in use, making any channel a potentially a smart one. It also provides you with valuable flexibility for future expansion options, eliminating dependency on the capabilities of any particular edge device.
The Smart Video Recorder (SVR) provides:
  • Full flexibility— no need to define analytics channels in advance
  • Edge device agnostic— eliminates dependency on peripheral equipment
  • Centralized server— for both recording and analytics processing, low TCO and energy consumption
  • Simplified maintenance— storage and analytics on the same server
  • Future ready— analytics can be applied to any new channel
  • Implementation options— available as both a turnkey project and software kit solution


NiceVision Video Analytics not only alerts you to potentially hazardous situations, it also notifies you of the situations that can contribute to their occurrence. Take pre-emptive measures with the fewest number of resources with these NiceVision applications:


  • Intrusion detection– Ensures perimeter control for sensitive or restricted areas such as permit parking and limited-access buildings. With NiceVision Video Analytics-enabled channels, your surveillance system will automatically detect, track and alert you to the possibility of intruders. 
  • Crowd management– Monitors for the build-up of crowds based on occupancy measurements, ensuring that your operations run smoothly and customers aren’t impacted by uncomfortable and potentially unsafe crowds. 
  • Situation indication– Protects your security systems by automatically identifying camera tampering, alleviating the necessity for costly and time-consuming manual inspections.
In addition, NiceVision Video Analytics:
  • Controls for variables such as weather conditions, moving vehicles or changes in lighting
  • Identifies and alerts for objects or people moving against the flow (counter-flow activity)— a common indicator of potential incidents
  • Enables multiple analytics applications on the same video channel
  • Introduces a PTZ tracking capabilities for better utilization and higher detection rates