Trunked Radio Recording

Direct, Controlled-Access Capture of Network Transmissions

In trunked radio environments, you need sophisticated recording that delivers instant event verification, mission-critical reliability and resilience, legally admissible records, and incident reconstruction. NICE Trunked Radio Recording Solutions answer the call. They capture all radio traffic— including talk groups, telephone interconnects, system events and user IDs— to ensure public safety comes through loud and clear.

Trunked radio networks’ ability to connect one user to another, one-to-many or many-to-many keeps it the communication channel of choice for many emergency services like police, ambulance, fire, transportation operators and other public safety organizations. NICE trunked radio recording solutions capture, manage and replay the vital radio transmissions that power public safety environments.
Leveraging relationships with market-leading trunked radio providers, NICE solutions gain direct, controlled access to the network trunk to record all speech traffic and routing information and tag it with key data extracted from the network. This powerful recording capability provides the foundation for NICE Trunked Radio Solutions’ additional capabilities. Users can locate messages quickly and easily based on time of day, date, channel, type of call, radio ID, group ID and a host of other search criteria. Robust reconstruction and scenario replay tools assemble a unified, synchronous view of events for investigation and training purposes.
NICE Trunked Radio Recording Solutions include the NICE Call Recording/Logging products to capture audio transmissions, NICE Inform to organize multimedia information and reconstruct incidents, and NICE Storage Center for secure, resilient archiving.