Public Transport

Advanced Security and Surveillance, and Situation Management for Mass Transit

NICE Security Solutions for Public Transportation are designed to meet the dynamic needs of the mass transit environment. Combining powerful tools and technology with advanced IP-based video surveillance at its core,  

NICE Security Solutions for Public Transportation secure your entire infrastructure and every stop along the way.

Securing public transportation is a primary concern of mass transit operators everywhere. The extensive infrastructure, heavily populated environment, and expensive vehicles in constant motion necessitate a comprehensive solution. Combined with increasing threats, tougher regulations and reduced budgets, security becomes an even bigger challenge.
NICE Security Solutions for Public Transportation secure your entire infrastructure including your rolling stock, no matter where it goes. Non-intrusive IP-based video surveillance enables you to provide comprehensive coverage without disturbing operational integrity— a key consideration for transit environments. The solutions also greatly enhance your entire security operation by unifying it into a centralized platform that dramatically increases effectiveness using fewer resources. 
At the core of the solution, NICE Situator unifies and integrates all your disparate security systems and sensors to provide a Common Operating Picture. With a holistic and unified view of your entire operation, you gain complete situational awareness and pre-planned situation management capabilities. NICE solutions automate tasks to eliminate the potential for human error and greatly enhance your ability to prepare for, detect, respond to, and debrief quickly and effectively all routine and emergency security situations.
Some of the world’s busiest public transportation organizations rely on NICE solutions to secure their infrastructure, assets and most importantly, passengers. Leverage our vast experience and insight.
Not only do NICE’s solutions for public transportation secure your operations, they also provide valuable insights that can improve your efficiency. Flexible IP architecture provides access to live and recorded video with which your operations team can identify crowd congestion and respond quickly with updated scheduling and station announcements. Video recording and archiving capabilities enable you to investigate and rectify issues causing customer complaints as well as combat fraudulent insurance claims. With NICE, you not only secure your infrastructure, you gain control over it.
NICE security solutions provide public transportation the security and operational benefits that make a real impact on:
Security Operations
  • Accelerates response time
  • Maintains chain of command
  • Enables proactive response
  • Reduces costly false alarms
Cost Reduction
  • Facilitates a lean organizational structure
  • Consolidates operation centers
  • Eliminates ‘Rip & Replace' costs — future proof
  • Reduces the operator training period
  • Achieves and maintains regulatory compliance
  • Ensures a consistent and appropriate response
  • Provides extensive and automated reporting
  • Enables highly effective communication with external agencies and authorities
NICE Security Solutions for Public Transportation take a proactive, systematic approach to identifying, responding to and resolving situations. A completely unified and integrated platform alerts security personnel to events as they unfold, and comprehensive situation management enables them to immediately and effectively action adaptive pre-planned responses while transmitting incident information to all relevant stakeholders and responders. They also also aggregate event data into a centralized incident folder, enabling informed investigations and effective prosecution. 
NICE Security Solutions for Public Transportation:
  • Enable perimeter protection for all public transport facilities and rolling stock
  • Provide situation planning, response and analysis for effective event management that eliminates human error
  • Integrate with and protect investments in all existing systems, including analog technologies, with its open architecture design
  • Ensure 24x7 reliability
  • Withstand the movement of public transportation vehicles under even the harshest environmental conditions
  • Scale for future growth