Proactive Security, Situation Management and IP-Based Surveillance

Airports have evolved beyond simple transportation hubs. Today, they are commercial centers comprised of service businesses, suppliers and retailers. Without taking the focus off primary security concerns— hijacking and terrorism— airports need their surveillance systems to help them improve the operational efficiency of a complex environment. With NICE, the sky’s the limit for making your airport a safe, smooth-running place for travelers and workers alike.

Today’s air travelers have their choice of airports. As a result, customer satisfaction is a key operational consideration. Many customer experience factors also have serious security implications such as crowd management, cargo and baggage tampering, and waiting on line at counters and control stops. By reducing the occurrence of incidents in these areas, you not only reduce security threats, you also increase passengers’ overall satisfaction. This, however, is only part of the challenges airports face. Others include a sprawling environment, complex collaboration and communication with multiple agencies, heightened threats, tougher regulations and reduced budgets.
While new technologies assist in managing this complex environment, they are also flooding control rooms with data from a multitude of sensors and disparate systems. NICE solutions integrate all of your security cameras, sensors and devices, communication systems, data sources and operating procedures into a single unified platform. By integrating and correlating captured information from diverse systems to create a Common Operating Picture (COP), you gain complete situational awareness in addition to automated response actions for consistent and optimized situation management.
NICE solutions are built on field-proven experience and expertise in the airport environment. NICE applications have been successfully deployed in major international airports around the world. NICE voice recording solutions are used in some 60 percent of the world’s air traffic control sites, including more than 600 airports in the U.S. alone. Users report that NICE provides seamless, Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking capabilities across all surveillance systems and helps reduce the expense of security breaches and shutdowns.
NICE Security Solutions for Airports bring CCTV event detection to new heights. They consolidate and filter the vast amounts of information captured with advanced security technologies to deliver the right information to the right people at just the right time. As an integral part of the solutions, NICE Situator presents a COP with real-time alerts and information from all integrated systems in an intuitive multi-layered display. This ensures that everyone in the operational chain knows what is happening and what to do, while eliminating the potential for human error.
NICE Security Solutions for Airports provide the security and operational benefits that make a real impact on:
Security Operations
  • Accelerates response time
  • Maintains chain of command
  • Enables proactive response
  • Reduces costly false alarms
Cost Reduction
  • Facilitates a lean organizational structure
  • Consolidates operation centers
  • Eliminates ‘Rip & Replace' costs— future proof
  • Reduces the operator training period
  • Achieves and maintains regulatory compliance
  • Ensures a consistent and appropriate response
  • Provides extensive and automated reporting
  • Enables highly effective communication with external agencies and authorities
NICE helps airport security personnel identify questionable activities on the spot, eliminating or mitigating their potential for damage with complete situational awareness and management. Suspicious, unattended baggage is quickly identified as are the formation of crowds in restricted areas. It also enhances your perimeter protection, alerting your personnel of any intruder and unauthorized movement on taxiways and runways, in hangars and other restricted areas.
NICE Security Solutions for Airports also:
  • Provide real-time alerts of suspicious events and pinpoints location and detail
  • Enable instantaneous determination of an event’s actual scope by viewing real-time and recorded video
  • Provide situation planning, response and analysis for effective event management that eliminates human error
  • Capture and record all radio transmissions