What interaction channels do customers prefer?
How often do they interact with their service provider?
How do customers perceive the role of the contact center today?
How is the rise of the new ‘engaged customer’ impacting service organizations?

NICE surveyed 2,000 consumers to discover answers to these questions and more.

Here are some of the findings that the report reveals:
  • Consumers are using an increasing number of interaction channels to contact an enterprise, with an average of six different
    channels used
  • Service providers see a rise in customer interactions, as approximately 28% of consumers indicate that they are interacting with
    businesses more often
  • The Web is the number-one interaction channel, with nearly a third of respondents interact with their service providers via the web
    at least once a week
  • The use of smartphone apps and SMS is on the rise, with the strongest growth in financial services and travel industries
    Half of respondents cite first call resolution as the primary motivator to contact a live rep