Situator Packaged Operational Solutions

Maximum Operational Impact, Faster

The business value of NICE technologies can grow over time as you refine your operations and find new ways to leverage system capabilities. But why wait? NICE Situator Packaged Operational Solutions can help you maximize the substantial business benefits available with NICE technology. Our consultants will help you design business processes that deliver the optimal benefits to your control center environment — right now.


Whether you are using the entire NICE security suite or individual components, NICE Situator Packaged Operational Solutions will help you apply system capabilities to maximum advantage in your control center environment. NICE Situator Packaged Operational Solutionsemploys a comprehensive framework for analyzing business processes to identify ways to better integrate them with the unique features of NICE applications. This allows us to tailor NICE Situator, ensuring it performs its functions most effectively, and helps you achieve your greater business goals such as reduced cost, increased effectiveness and efficiency, monitoring of response processes, and/or improving information sharing.


Our business optimization framework has been proven to deliver maximum results in the shortest possible time. Using this methodology, we have helped control centers leverage their NICE software along with industry best practices to facilitate:


  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of the monitoring and response processes
  • Reengineering of quality programs to drive business results
  • Improved response time
  • Reduced reporting time
  • Improved operator productivity and performance


Our consultants bring to each project vast experience in control center operations situation management, as well as process improvement. With extensive knowledge of NICE products and their use in top-performing control centers worldwide, our consultants can help extract the most value from NICE solutions and your control center. Why wait years to gain the maximum benefit of your NICE investment? Let our consultants build best-in-class business processes into your NICE systems today.