Situation Management

For complete Situational awareness and improved security response 

Situation Management is a holistic solution approach that analyzes, correlates and coordinates the interaction between people, technologies, and responses. By integrating and correlating information from multiple and diverse systems across the enterprise, and coordinating the response actions, Situation Management increases situational awareness and ensures that everyone in the operational chain knows what is happening and what to do. 
New technologies have dramatically increased the amount of information flowing into the security control room. Security personnel, in addition to managing multiple security systems, must manage this flood of information. As a result, organizations are in need of a solution to this data overload that is highly efficient and cost effective.
With NICE Situation Management software solution, you can reduce the risk of human error, improve security response, protect existing security investments and reduce operating costs by converging all of your security cameras, sensors and devices, communication systems, data sources and operating procedures into a single unified platform.
NICE Situation Management unifies all security operations for complete situational awareness, and provides automated tools that enable a consistent, appropriate response across all your facilities and locations.
NICE Situation Management software solution from NICE takes a high-level approach to optimize your security organization and operations with the following benefits:
  • Allows security personnel to focus on decision-making
  • Accelerates and optimizes training
  • Expands security reach without adding staff
  • Raises situational awareness 
  • Unifies management with converged information
  • Facilitates collaborative response with information sharing tools  
  • Provides investment protection
  • Enables for consistent execution and response aligned with your SOP
  • Gauges the performance of any phase of response
  • Unifies compliance and operating reporting