Maximize Service-to-Sales Conversion

When customers contact their service providers via web, branch or contact center, there is an opportunity to make a sale. Customer service interactions can be a great time to promote products and services if agents can identify the decisive moment to present and sell new offers. Use NICE Service-to-Sales, to successfully identify sales opportunities and find the next-best-offer in real time. Guide agents through the entire sales process—from offer presentation to order fulfillment—to increase real-time up-sell and cross-sell conversion rates and improve overall inbound sales effectiveness.

As the main hub of customer interaction, today’s contact center has become a primary sales channel. Companies must take advantage of the decisive moments during a customer interaction to cross-sell and up-sell products and services. However, mastering inbound marketing requires understanding of what leads to successful sales and implementing real-time tools to close the leads present in every interaction.


The Underlying Inbound Sales Effectiveness Process

NICE Service-to-Sales can help. Using NICE Interaction Analytics technologies such as speech analytics, cross-channel analytics, as well as desktop monitoring, real-time decisioning and real-time guidance and automation, the solution guides agents to the next best offer, based on the interaction context. It helps agents transition from service to sales mode and presents offers in the most compelling way. The solution even automates order execution so agents can focus on the customer, not the process. Ultimately, NICE Service-to-Sales analyzes and measures agents’ sales attempts and success rates to identify the root causes of customer objections, catalog sales best-practices, and assist agents struggling with poor sales skills. Based on this input, NICE Service-to-Sales defines business rules to identify real-time up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and best practices for successful sales.

NICE Service-to-Sales increases the number of up-sell and cross-sell attempts and the number of customers who say “yes.” The results are:

  • Better offers
  • More—and more successful—sales attempts
  • More sales conversions
  • Automated sales process execution
  • Higher agent confidence
  • Enhanced, consistent customer experience across all channels

NICE Service-to-Sales maximizes up-selling and cross-selling activities by combining best-in-class technologies and capabilities including: