NICE Security Solutions empower organizations to anticipate, manage and mitigate security, safety and operational risks in real time, and to thoroughly investigate and reconstruct incidents for future prevention and prosecutorial evidence. NICE has tailored its vertical-specific solutions based on the extensive experience garnered from partnering with some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations and environments. Powered by leading-edge technology made possible by a focused and ongoing commitment to R&D, NICE’s unmatched portfolio of integrated solutions fit tomorrow’s needs today.

By Industry

Multi-layered, intelligent, and always reliable security solutions for the Banking Industry
Correctional FacilitiesCorrectional Facilities
NICE Security Integrates All Systems and Sensors in a Correctional Facility for a Comprehensive Prison Protection 
EducationalEducational Facilities
Enhance Security of Learning Environments for Students, Teachers and Staff at Educational Facilities  
Optimizing the security environment and mitigating the potential for loss
Protecting Patients, Medical Staff, Facilities and Critical Assets
Public SafetyPublic Safety
When the Public Counts on You, You Can Count on NICE  
Ensuring the Security of Your City with Comprehensive, Unified Solutions NICE SafeCity proactively monitors, integrates and unifies city infrastructure and alerts you to potential events that are unfolding thereby providing complete situational awareness and management. NICE SafeCity consolidates and filters the vast amounts of information generated from managing public safety with advanced security technologies to deliver the right information to the right people at just the right time.  
Ability to identify and verify potential unfolding events during and before they happen
Additional IndustriesAdditional Industries
NICE Security Solutions help organizations in a wide range of industries mitigate security, safety and operational risks by getting the right insights to the right people at the right time.   The NICE integrated product portfolio allows a range of industries to meet their specific needs and enhance their security, safety and operations.

By Solution

Situation ManagementSituation Management
For complete Situational awareness and improved security response  Situation Management is a holistic solution approach that analyzes, correlates and coordinates the interaction between people, technologies, and responses. By integrating and correlating information from multiple and diverse systems across the enterprise, and coordinating the response actions, Situation Management increases situational awareness and ensures that everyone in the operational chain knows what is happening and what to do.   
Video AnalyticsVideo Analytics
Proactive Surveillance With proprietary, field-proven algorithms and a holistic approach to design, deployment and service, NICE delivers video analytics that can transform your security organization from reactive monitoring to proactive prevention. NICE has extensive experience in deploying video analytics in some of the world’s highest-security settings. Maximize the insights your video surveillance solutions can deliver with NICE Systems.  
Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance
Evaluate the quality of service delivered across an entire emergency incident
Intelligence SolutionsIntelligence Solutions
NICE provides law enforcement agencies (LEAs), intelligence organizations and national security government agencies with advanced solutions for mass, target and lawful communication interception, collection, processing and analysis. The NiceTrack suite of products helps find new suspects, monitor targets, conduct an efficient investigation or build a wider intelligence picture.
NICE Suspect SearchNICE Suspect Search
Find. Right. Now. Whether you need to find an individual suspected of criminal activity or a lost child, time is always of the essence. Your video surveillance system has recorded them; the problem is the time it takes to find where. It can take hours, sometimes days. During that time the opportunity to apprehend the suspect or rescue the child could be lost.  
Audio and Call Recording/Logging SoftwareAudio and Call Recording/Logging software
Audio recording for public safety operations of any size
NICE Situator Express for NiceVision
Transforming NiceVision IP video surveillance system into a complete security management solution 
Situator Packaged Operational SolutionsSituator Packaged Operational Solutions
NICE Situator Packaged Operational Solutions help you apply system capabilities to maximum advantage in your control center environment