NICE Security Solutions address a wide range of security needs including situation management and incident information management, IP video surveillance powered by content analytics, and reliable recording solutions for capturing telephony, radio, VoIP, screens, radar and more. NICE’s full range of turnkey data-driven and target-centric intelligence solutions are used by top intelligence organizations and government security agencies worldwide.

Video Management and Analytics

NiceVision NetNiceVision Net
For security-conscious environments
For open architecture systems
Video AnalyticsVideo Analytics
The smart surveillance system
NICE Situator Express for NiceVision
Transforming NiceVision IP video surveillance system into a complete security management solution 

Audio Recording

Audio and Call Recording/Logging SoftwareAudio and Call Recording/Logging software
Audio recording for public safety operations of any size
Trunked Radio RecordingTrunked Radio
Digitally recorded radio, right from the network
Storage CenterStorage Center
Captured interactions, centrally managed and securely stored
NICE Inform VerifyNICE Inform Verify
Instant call detail verification

Situation Management

NICE SituatorNICE Situator (PSIM)
Situation management software platform that enables situation planning, response and analysis for the security, safety and emergency markets

Incident Debriefing & Investigation

NICE InformNICE Inform
Incident information monitoring and management in any media

Intelligence Solutions

Location Tracking CenterLocation Tracking Center
Accurate mobile tracking solutions for LEAs and intelligence organizations
Mass Detection Center Mass Detection Center
Nationwide interception, monitoring and analysis to fight organized crime, drug trafficking and terrorism
Monitoring CenterMonitoring Center
Fully-integrated monitoring analysis platform to help LEAs and intelligence organizations reduce crime levels and fight terrorism
NiceTrack Open Source IntelligenceOpen Source Intelligence
Solution to help LEAs and intelligence organizations identify new suspicious activities and national threats
Pattern AnalyzerPattern Analyzer
Collection and analysis of multiple data types from various sources to automatically detect suspicious activities
NiceTrack Satellite InterceptionSatellite Interception
Collection, retention and analysis of voice, fax, video, email and other data transmitted via fixed and mobile satellite communication networks
Traffic Analysis Center Traffic Analysis Center
Preventive intelligence generation by revealing target and suspect networks

NICE Suspect Search

NICE Suspect SearchNICE Suspect Search
Find. Right. Now. Whether you need to find an individual suspected of criminal activity or a lost child, time is always of the essence. Your video surveillance system has recorded them; the problem is the time it takes to find where. It can take hours, sometimes days. During that time the opportunity to apprehend the suspect or rescue the child could be lost.  

Situator Express for NiceVision

NICE Situator Express for NiceVision
Transforming NiceVision IP video surveillance system into a complete security management solution