Ensuring the Security of Seaports and Cargo

Keeping Seaports and Valuable Cargo Secure by Integrating all of your Security Systems into a Single Platform 

Ensuring the secure transport of valuable cargo from theft, damage and loss in your seaport requires the ability to identify and verify potential unfolding events as they happen, or even before. Proactive, comprehensive NICE security and surveillance solutions can help. They protect seaports with automatic and semi-automatic tools and complete situational awareness via NICE Situator to assist in the detection, verification and resolution of security events in real time. 

Advanced Security, Surveillance and Situation Management for Seaports and their Cargo 

Seaports are fast-paced, high-traffic 24/7 environments subject to severe weather conditions. Operating in vast, sprawling environments, with a perimeter that has access to both land and sea make them challenging to secure and vulnerable to nefarious attacks, including terrorism. With 90% of the world’s trade transported via cargo containers, an attack on any single seaport could have major economic repercussions. Adding to the challenge, seaport’s security operations are tasked with the protection of dock operations; warehousing; piping; port employees; terminal operations; and the shipping companies that load and offload cargo containers. In order to ensure the safety and security of all these entities from theft, damage and loss requires a robust security solution that addresses each of these areas.


The NICE Security Solution for Seaports is an integrated multi-layered security and surveillance solution that monitors your infrastructure, identifies potential unfolding events, and verifies them with automatic or semi-automatic tools for real-time response. Along with its ability to integrate standard security systems such as audio, video and access control, the solution also integrates systems unique to the seaport environment such as radar, vessel tracking systems and AIS, long-range acoustic devices (LRAD), perimeter intrusion detection systems, weather feeds, mass notifications and more. The NICE Security Solution for Seaports provides full situation management capabilities enabling personnel to improve operational productivity and reduce downtime by managing incidents effectively, detecting and controlling theft and terrorism attempts, and managing safety issues.


With a single, unified platform, the efficiency and efficacy of your security operations is vastly improved. NICE provides a Common Operating Picture (COP) with real-time alerts and information from all the integrated systems, enabling complete situational awareness and pre-planned situation management capabilities. Task automation not only eliminates the potential for human error, it helps ensures regulatory compliance, including TWIC. The NICE Security Solution for Seaports greatly enhances your ability to prepare for, detect, respond to, and debrief quickly and effectively all routine and emergency security situations.

Not only does NICE Security Solutions for Seaports secure your operations from theft and other damaging and costly activities, it also provide valuable insights that can improve your efficiency. Flexible IP architecture provides access to live and recorded video with which your team can identify operational inefficiencies. Video recording and archiving capabilities enable you to investigate and rectify issues accurately and immediately. With NICE, you not only secure your seaport’s infrastructure, you gain control over it.


NICE security solutions provide seaports the security and operational benefits that make a real impact on:

Security Operations

  • Accelerates response time
  • Maintains chain of command
  • Enables proactive response
  • Reduces costly false alarms


Cost Reduction

  • Facilitates a lean organizational structure
  • Consolidates operation centers
  • Eliminates ‘Rip & Replace' costs— future proof
  •  Reduces operator training period



  • Achieves and maintains regulatory compliance with ISPS, TWIC and your PFSP
  • Ensures a consistent and appropriate response
  • Provides extensive and automated reporting
  • Enables highly effective communication and collaboration with external agencies and authorities


NICE consolidates, filters and verifies captured information with advanced security technologies to deliver the right information to the right people at just the right time. NICE’s field-proven video analytics enhances your security operations by automatically detecting encroachment or other divergent behavior or incidents while instant verification capabilities enable you to respond appropriately in real time. NICE not only provides a 360° view of unfolding events, it also activates pre-planned response workflows that work to eliminate human error and ensure the most effective response — no matter who is in the control room. 


NICE Security Solutions for Seaports capabilities:

  • Ensure non-stop surveillance that reaches everywhere you need it
  • Provide situation planning, response and analysis for effective event management that eliminates human error
  • Accelerate investigations with ultra-efficient access to recorded incident video, audio and data
  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party devices, sensors and access control systems
  • Cope with challenging outdoor conditions and changes in environment