Sales Performance Management

Drive Sales Effectiveness and Improve Operational Efficiency

Effective sales performance management is a critical initiative which aims to drive sales transformation or reduce operational costs. Sales performance management is the discipline of marrying performance data with business improvement processes to drive sales effectiveness. At its core is incentive compensation management. The business impact of sales performance management grows when other critical processes are added, such as territory and quota management, analytics and dashboarding, and coaching.

The NICE Sales Performance Management solution allows sales organizations to focus on their strategic advantage and core competencies. It provides a framework to analyze how teams are performing and take action as needed to drive sales effectiveness and improve operational efficiency.


NICE Sales Performance Management enables sales operations professionals to easily manage commission plan creation, administration and payments, as well as resolve disputes and inquiries. Sales team members can track their sales performance, view commission statements, drill into transaction details, and perform what-if analysis. Sales managers can monitor team performance, identify sales reps who may require coaching, and assign performance improvement tasks. Sales executives can gain visibility into the overall performance of their organization and determine what actions need to be taken to ensure their organization is aligned with company goals.

The solution readily address significant data and organizational obstacles by enabling sales operations to automate the commissioning process, leverage metrics, reports, analytics and dashboards, plan territories and quotas, and use workflow features to clarify goals, align the organization, uncover opportunities and improve business results.
NICE Sales Performance Management provides organizations:


  • Increased salesperson productivity and revenue generation
  • Improved supervisor effectiveness and efficiency
  • Improved strategic decision-making process stemming from a single version of the truth

NICE Sales Performance Management helps organizations optimize their sales performance management processes:

  • Alignment of individual incentives with strategic organizational objectives
  • Ability to rapidly run plans and simulations to maximize plan effectiveness
  • Reduced post close updates and calculation time, minimizing compensation over-pay and administration
  • Single platform that can expand according to business needs for more advanced capabilities
  • Greater business impact by uniquely linking incentive campaigns with employee development activities
  • Rapid identification of customer trends and sales representative performance
  • Creation of one version of the truth to identify process gaps and design critical improvement campaigns

NICE Sales Performance Management has at its core these best-in-class functionalities:

  • Innovative calculator functionality that is powerful and easy to use, delivering single screen, excel-like calculators
  • Data availability for real-time performance, real-time reporting, real-time simulation and modeling
  • Advanced capabilities for the widest set of adjustments
  • Proven scalability for the largest, most complex operations (tens of thousands of payees and millions of events per day)
  • Analytical applications – compensation performance vs. budget, overall plan effectiveness
  • Sales and compensation analytics
  • Frontline performance management - powerful sales coaching with embedded best practice sharing for sales staff development and performance improvement
  • Sales planning including quota management and territory management
  • Available on-demand or for on-premise deployments