Ensuring the Security of Your City with Comprehensive, Unified Solutions

NICE SafeCity proactively monitors, integrates and unifies city infrastructure and alerts you to potential events that are unfolding thereby providing complete situational awareness and management. NICE SafeCity consolidates and filters the vast amounts of information generated from managing public safety with advanced security technologies to deliver the right information to the right people at just the right time.

Due to the sheer size of city centers and the large number of stakeholders involved in maintaining public order, ensuring urban public safety is extremely challenging and highly complex from an operational standpoint. In order to monitor and secure urban environments, security solutions must not only provide reactive capabilities and function proactively, they must also integrate and unify a multitude of systems, stakeholders and responders. All this must be done in light of increased threats, tougher regulations and reduced budgets. 
NICE SafeCity builds an intelligent and comprehensive view of what is happening in your city by unifying information from events, field-unit locations and sensors as well as supports sub-systems that make up your entire infrastructure. It makes sense of the information overload that innundates command centers. NICE’s multidimensional coverage is achieved by a portfolio of surveillance, monitoring and tracking solutions that cover all of your city’s field units  as well as security and safety systems to inform you of exactly what is happening.
At the core of the solution, NICE Situator presents a Common Operating Picture (COP) with real-time alerts and information from all integrated systems in an intuitive multi-layered Geographical Information System (GIS)-based display. NICE SafeCity integrates and correlates information from multiple and diverse systems creating a unified security platform, which coordinates pre-planned response actions to ensure that everyone in the operational chain knows what is happening and what to do while eliminating the potential for human error.
NICE SafeCity protects urban environments and ensures public safety with a comprehensive solution that unifies traditionally siloed systems. By synchronizing the disparate platforms that contribute to securing your city, prevention and mitigation of risk is greatly enhanced, while the response to unfolding situations becomes optimally effective.
The automation of tasks greatly enhances your ability to prepare for, detect, respond to, and debrief quickly and effectively all routine and emergency security situations. NICE SafeCity can prevent and mitigate potentially costly events that could harm people and disrupt basic services.
NICE SafeCity provides the security and operational benefits that make a real impact on:
Security Operations
  • Accelerates response time
  • Maintains chain of command
  • Enables proactive response
  • Reduces costly false alarms
Cost Reduction
  • Facilitates a lean organizational structure
  • Consolidates operation centers
  • Eliminates ‘Rip & Replace' costs— future proof
  • Reduces the operator training period
  • Achieves and maintains regulatory compliance
  • Ensures a consistent and appropriate response
  • Provides extensive and automated reporting
  • Enables highly effective communication with external agencies and authorities
NICE’s field-proven video analytics enhances your security operations by automatically detecting irregular behavior or incidents. Instant verification capabilities enable security personnel to quickly distinguish between real threats and false alarms, and then respond appropriately. Bi-directional communication capabilities enable first responders to gain instantaneous awareness of a situation prior to their arrival on a scene. At the same time, operators at command and control centers gain first-hand insight from responders about the event and effectiveness of the actions already taken, allowing the system to adapt the next actions accordingly.
NICE SafeCity provides:
  • Immediate situational awareness and assessment with the effective management of any GIS data 
  • Situation planning, response and analysis for effective event management that eliminates human error
  • Smart automated alerts through data fusion and analysis, based on a combination of various parameters
  • Capability to execute and optimize your Security Doctrine
  • Unified operation, simulation, planning and investigation all on the same platform
  • Assurance that routine operations such as patrolling are consistently conducted to create a deterring effect