NICE Runway and Taxiway Intrusion Detection and Protection System

Providing early warnings and quick containment for complete airport runway and taxiway security

Airport safety and security is, and always will be a high priority. While significant security measures are taken within terminals, runways and taxiways pose a significant and often overlooked safety challenge for airports. On average, US airports experience three runway incursions on a daily basis, presenting the risk for a catastrophic accident. They can include safety events, such as when an airport vehicle enters an active runway, along with security events that may come in the form of a breach from an external vehicle that makes its way on to the runway or taxiway. These events, whether stemming from internal or external sources, must be minimized or eliminated in order to prevent safety threats to people and property. The NICE Runway and Taxiway Intrusion Detection System for Airports is an end-to-end, multilayered solution that provides complete perimeter protection, enabling early warnings to potential breaches and quick containment.


It’s simply not enough to know that your runway or taxiway has been breached; airports need a runway and taxiway protection system that responds to and contains the breach as fast as possible. On the perimeter and around runways and taxiways, NICE Runway and Taxiway Intrusion Detection System integrates existing and third-party long-range smart surveillance cameras enabled with outdoor-ready intelligent video analytics, radar, vehicle tracking and GPS solutions to proactively identify breaches, verify and track them. Constantly monitoring the environment, NICE Situator manages intrusion alerts and reduces false alarms as it is completely integrated with all other systems and sensors.


Here’s an example of how the solution works. The NICE Runway and Taxiway Intrusion Detection System allows operators to view all known entities such as aircrafts and ground handling via radar and GPS tracking. The solution alerts operators when an unknown target has been identified or if a known target enters into the runaway or taxiway zone. Based on the target location, the runway and taxiway protection solution, powered by NICE Situator identifies the closest camera to the unknown target and will slave PTZ cameras to follow and track the unknown or diverging target.Situator automatically takes a snapshot of the target after a configurable time or with an operator manual command. The operator can then view the image or footage from the relevant camera and map and verify if the incident is a false alarm or potentially harmful unfolding event.


Situator will prompt the operator to identify whether the incident is a false alarm, friendly or foe in order to determine whether to escalate the incident or close it. In the event of an actual breach, the nearest responders are automatically notified and sent relevant information via email or MMS. At the same time, the suspect is continuously tracked using radar and PTZ cameras.


Once the event has been handled, a full incident report is generated and automatically distributed to all relevant stakeholders. In addition, a fully synchronized event file is compiled with all media formats for playback. This is then used for debriefing, while the insights gathered from the incident report can be used for process improvement and corrective action.