Retail Customer Experience and Sales Effectiveness

Maximize Your Operational Performance

Today’s retailers know that technology can be an enabler to superior performance, cost reduction, and higher profitability for the organization.  The NICE Retail Optimization suite provides customers with the tools to improve the retail customer experience and increase retail profitability. Our performance management solutions facilitate associate training and coaching for better sales effectiveness, an improved customer experience and reduced employee turnover.

Customers interact with retail brands across multiple channels and expect a uniform experience across all touch points—whether it be the retail store, on line, the call center, or through social media.  The NICE Retail Optimization Suite gives organizations the means to deliver a seamless experience across these channels.  Retailers are also faced with employee retention, coaching and training, and sales effectiveness challenges.  The NICE Retail Optimization Suite gives customers a powerful set of tools to effectively improve the customer experience with sales effectiveness initiatives, variable pay and retention programs, and performance management capabilities. 

The NICE Retail Optimization Suite helps retail organizations realize profit from their operations by introducing best-in-class customer feedback, incentive compensation, performance management, workforce management and social media insight tools.  NICE Retail Optimization solutions allow retailers to:


  • Motivate employees with comprehensive performance optimizationand incentive management solutions.  Identify the incentive programs that best motivate sales associates to higher performance and uncover opportunities to coach and train low and medium performers.
  • Use real-time customer feedback solutions to understand the sales behaviors that lead to a better customer experience, retention and loyalty.
  • Stay on top of how customers talk about them and their competitors on line.  Unlocking the customer insights contained in the social media used by customers enables a richer understanding of how customers interact with retail brands as well as that of competitors.
  • Improve scheduling and forecast accuracy across multiple retail sites by viewing and managing resource capacity and performance.


The NICE Retail Optimization Suite improves sales effectiveness and customer experience management through:


  • Incentive Compensation Management —Automates the process of commission, bonus and incentive administration in support of any variable pay strategy.  It is estimated that most retailers overpay incentives by up to 12% annually, and incentive administration can cost up to $2,000 per employee per year.  NICE offers tools that allow retailers to accurately reward and motivate excellence.
  • Performance Management –Provides a consolidated view of enterprise results, gives supervisors and employees daily visibility into performance, as well as the ability to gauge individual results relative to that of peers.  At a glance, managers and associates immediately know how they are doing compared to their peers and company standards.  Performance Management provides the metrics and tools that allow medium and low performers to be coached up with training that targets the key behaviors that impact customer satisfaction.
  • Workforce Management – Improves resource forecast accuracy, streamlines planning and provides the tools to allow associates to request time off without supervisor intervention.
  • Customer Feedback and Intelligence –Provides event-driven, conversation-based customer feedback, gathered immediately following interactions at any touch point, including at the retail store.  The feedback is collected via multiple channels, including text messages, email, web, social media, IVR, mobile apps and call centers.  This fast feedback gives retailers the flexibility to quickly uncover and institute best practices in customer experience management and provide performance feedback to sales associates.