Real-Time Web Engagement

Impact the Customer Experience in Milliseconds

Your company collects terabytes of data from customer interactions. But can you use that Big Data to impact customer interactions in a timeframe that matters? Transform untapped customer data into personalized interactions, targeted offers, and timely service in a matter of milliseconds with NICE Web Engage.

NICE combines its industry-leading Big Data and real-time technologies to uniquely enable you to:
  • Mine online and offline customer interaction data to understand the customer journey and build detailed predictive profiles for next best offers and actions
  • Mobilize customer intelligence and predictive models to make insightful, real-time decisions during customer interactions, particularly on the Web and other digital channels, where immediacy is key

When customers have a problem, research shows they reach first for the Web. NICE Web Engage makes that digital interaction more fulfilling and fruitful by delivering compelling and timely promotions, offers and ads based on the individual customer journey and advanced predictive models.

The technologies that comprise NICE Web Engage use customer behavioral Big Data, gathered from your many customer touchpoints, to better know your customers, then determine in real time what marketing actions you should take (cross-sell, discount, promote, personalize and more) to better engage them.  It also ensures that your ability to excite and engage customers is constantly improving through automated, continuous learning. Here’s how: 
  • Real-Time DecisioningProcessing volumes of Big Data on customer interactions across all sources, decisions on the next best offer or action can be rendered in milliseconds
  • Predictive Analytics – By analyzing customer behavior across Web and digital interactions, fine-grained predictive models are identified and then applied to individual customer interactions
  • Machine Learning - Using patent-pending self-learning algorithms, predictive analytics models can be continuously improved to enable better decisions, even in the very next interaction 
Tailorindividual customer experiences over the Web and other digital channels by using all customer data in real time. Get even closer to your customers with NICE Web Engage.


By delivering highly personalized customer interactions through advanced real-time decisioning and predictive analytics,NICE Web Engage enables you to:

  • Improve customer engagement and retention through intuitive experiences
  • Increase revenue by improving online conversion rates
  • Deliver better service by taking the next-best-action at every interaction

NICE Web Engage is built on industry-standard Hadoop-basedarchitecture that scales to hundreds of terabytes. With this technology at its core, the solution puts your Big Data to work to:

  • Enrich Predictive Analytics by applying dozens of predictive models to individual customer profiles to determine micro-segments
  • Enable Real-Time Decisions based on large volumes of data, integrated from multiple sources, to improve the outcome of customer interactions
  • Operationalize Machine Learning to continuously improve your predictive analytics and fuel more intuitive decisioning