Real-Time Guidance & Automation

Turning Insights into Next-Best-Action Recommendations

Analyzing the ongoing, multifaceted exchange of interactions and transactions between customers and organizations provides contact centers with valuable insights about their customers’ wants and needs, the issues they face, and how to address them. NICE Real-Time Process Optimization helps organizations own the decisive moments of customer interactions by shaping interactions in real time, delivering real-time decisioning, next-best-action guidance, and process automation.


Customers expect agents to provide immediate and accurate answers to their questions. Doing so requires contact center agents to access multiple sources of customer information and knowledge bases. They often also need to memorize scripts as well as understand and apply complex business rules. This information spans a multitude of applications and changes frequently with the introduction of new products, services and promotions. How can you translate it into the most effective next-best-action in real time?

NICE Real-Time Process Optimization provides next-best-action recommendations to your agents, at the decisive moment of the interaction using an intelligent real-time decisioning engine, as they talk with customers on the phone or via chat. It enables agents to take appropriate action— ask for regulation-required permissions, make a retention offer, suggest products or promotions— as part of the NICE closed-loop workflow. 


Process Automation

NICE Real-Time Process Optimization simplifies processes by automating procedures that require agents to follow complex business rules in order to provide customer service. As a result, agents provide quick and effective service while complying with company procedures and regulations.
By analyzing customer interactions, NICE Real-Time Process Optimization offers powerful next-best-action recommendations contact centers can use to:
  • Leverage process automation to reduce handle time and improve first contact resolution
  • Enhance the customer experience by resolving issues quickly and during the first interaction
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by delivering context-sensitive instructions to agent desktops
NICE Real-Time Process Optimization provides powerful next-best-action recommendations through:
  • Real-time interaction analysis
  • On-screen agent guidance
  • Data consolidation from multiple applications into a single window
  • Relevant drill-down information, accessible with a single click
  • Business rule configuration based on your organization’s business objectives