Real-Time Decisions

Make Profitable Decisions on the Fly

Your customer service organization serves thousands, maybe millions of people a day, via the web, digital devices, contact center and other channels. Imagine if your customers felt they had a one-to-one relationship with your company? What if they felt understood and valued, and that their needs were known and fulfilled before they could even verbalize or key them in?


NICE’s Real-Time Decisions technology draws from contextual cues, customer behaviors, business rules and predictive analytics models to deliver smart, real-time guidance and next-best-actionor offerrecommendations to agents, or directly to customers online, as they interact with your company. Real-Time Decisions enables fast,effective and efficient service resolution, reduced customer churn, and increased service-to-sales conversion.


Technology highlights:

  • Delivers the next best offer to individual customers across all interaction channels in mere milliseconds
  • Offers a variety of predictive approaches to decide on the next best offer, including predictive modeling, machine learning, collaborative filtering and tightly integrated business rules
  • Multivariate testing and reporting provides the insights marketers need to decipher and report on which strategies and decisions are delivering the best results
  • Enables easy testing and iteration to find the best marketing strategies for individual customers and micro-segments across channels
  • Deploys quickly and easily, due to open APIs and pre-built integrations with third-party marketing applications, such as web content management systems, email service providers, mobile services, and CRM and social systems