Real-Time Customer Feedback

Feedback on the Fly

Companies rely on customer feedback to understand how well they meet customers’ expectations. But often, the feedback data they collect is too dated, too fuzzy or from too small a sample to effect change. Using feedback most effectively requires meaningful, timely information that spans all touch points, and that’s clear enough to be acted upon.

NICE Fizzback delivers real-time customer feedback, enabling organizations to gain powerful insight into the real voice of the customer, promptly act on customers’ comments and issues at the decisive moment, and drive enhancements and corrective actions to continuously improve future interactions.

anatomy-customer-infographicThe Customer Feedback Management Process

Engage customers

Using a unique automated engagement system, NICE Fizzback creates a conversation with customers through their feedback channel of choice. Immediately following a retail, call center or online experience, the system reaches out for customer feedback from any touch point to form a real-time view of the experience.


Gather maximum feedback using customers’ preferred channels

NICE Fizzback maximizes response rates by capturing real-time feedback through any combination of 7 customer feedback channels (text message, email, web, social media, IVR, mobile app and forms). The system has been proven to generate as much as 40 times more feedback than traditional feedback solutions.

Accurately analyze feedback

NICE Fizzback uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to accurately categorize verbatim comments and quickly locate the key drivers of customer satisfaction.

Act on customer inputs

NICE Fizzback clients report a 27% average increase in customer satisfaction scores, and are able to recover up to 90% of dissatisfied customers within minutes after an interaction.

The following are some of the benefits reported by NICE Fizzback customers:


Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

  • Increased customer advocacy 25-36 points in less than one year
  • Identified 10-15% of customers as at risk immediately after an experience, when still possible to address
  • Converted 40-45% of at-risk customers into advocates after rapid recovery

Employee Performance

  • Found that 35-50% of all retail store feedback is employee-related
  • Improved first call resolution by 10%
  • Heaped accolades and awards on store agents


Operational Efficiency

  • Slashed complaints by 61%
  • Reduced call center volume by double digits
  • Achieved 75-100% mystery shop replacement
"NICE Fizzback allows us to get one consistent version of the truth that everyone can get behind and act upon."Russell Taylor, T-Mobile

NICE Fizzback features:


  • Event-driven, conversation-based feedback
  • Feedback gathered immediately following interactions at any touch point, including retail stores, branches, online and call centers
  • Feedback collected via multiple channels, including text messages, email, web, social media, IVR, mobile apps and forms
  • Fast, accurate feedback translation using Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • End-to-end solution delivered in a software as a service (SaaS) model
  • Out-of-the-box integrations to quality management, interaction analytics and agent-guidance processes