Real-Time Activity Monitoring

Identify Process Inefficiencies and Discover Best Practices

Contact center and back office environments often represent companies’ largest, most complex management challenge. Because these critical operations are fueled by countless processes and multiple desktop applications, it can be difficult to gain visibility into employees’ work throughput and handling times. In addition to these management hurdles, employees here must quickly master frequent updates to desktop applications, processes and compliance requirements, even as they interact with customers or process paperwork.


NICE Real-Time Activity Monitoring captures and analyzes contact center and back office employees’ desktop activity to provide visibility into process inefficiencies, discover employee best practices and simplify your most complex office environments.

NICE Real-Time Activity Monitoring identifies when a desktop process starts and ends, and monitors all the desktop activity—applications used, tasks and processes executed—in between. This groundbreaking ability to define process paths at the agent and team level serves as the foundation for its two core capabilities:


Desktop Process Monitoring

Capture and analyze handle time for discrete desktop processes.


Desktop Application Monitoring

Gain visibility into how employees, including remote workers, use desktop applications and websites throughout the workday.


NICE Real-Time Activity Monitoring delivers granular process analysis and reporting that renders process bottlenecks and inefficiencies obvious—and fixable. And, by correlating desktop process and application monitoring data with agents’ key performance indicators (e.g., handle time, sales, etc.), managers can identify top performers and replicate their actions as team best practices. With NICE Real-Time Activity Monitoring, you can drive improvements like never before.

NICE Real-Time Activity Monitoring helps to identify time-saving opportunities and process inefficiencies, and immediately act on them. Discover time-intensive, error-prone routine activities that can be automated, and thus optimize handle time and eliminate mistakes.


For back office operations, where efficiency is typically in the range of 50-60%, Real-Time Activity Monitoring offers the opportunities to optimize the profit from these environments.  Typical productivity gains from implementing Real-Time Activity Monitoring in the back office range from 10-25%.

With innovative capabilities aimed at cutting through the complexities of the back office and contact center environments, NICE Real-Time Activity Monitoring…

  • Provides insight into processes and the time spent on each process step
  • Allows quick analysis of application usage and uses this data to improve business processes and improve efficiency
  • Identifies top performers by conducting process path analysis and enables analysts to use this knowledge to institute best practices
  • Quickly generates ad hoc reports to answer specific business process questions
  • Collects accurate data to enable efficient workforce management and increased performance management in the back office