Public Sector

Maximizing Service and Controlling Costs

Serving the public sector has never been more difficult. Government agencies face a multitude of challenges. They must spend the public’s money wisely while fulfilling citizens’ expectations of service. New legislative mandates and changing demographics are also driving a technological transformation of public sector call centers. Investment in new technology, once seen as a luxury, is increasingly viewed as a way to optimize operational efficiency and provide constituents the level of service they expect. 
NICE can help. It enables public sector call centers to:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Respond effectively to constituents’ inquiries
  • Protect non-public information and ensure security compliance 

NICE provides a broad offering of business solutions targeted to addresses public sector call centers’ critical operational and strategic needs like first contact resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT), customer satisfaction and security compliance.

Public sector call centers are under increased scrutiny to ensure that their constituents’ money is spent efficiently. Since the majority of call center expenses are personnel costs, human resources must be used where they have the most benefit and their productivity maximized. Staff satisfaction needs must also be met to avoid high turnover and associated expenses of replacing lost workers. 


How NICE Helps

NICE helps maximize call center operational efficiency and deliver quality service by accurately matching staffing resources with contact volumes, ensuring agent productivity and providing constituents the level of service they expect, including:
Constituent contact volumes are on the rise. With government spending under scrutiny, public sector call centers need to be able to handle this increase without the luxury of adding staff and in a way that results in a positive experience for constituents. Employees must respond to inquiries promptly and accurately at the Decisive Moment of the interaction to meet service expectations, while maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.


How NICE Helps

NICE enables your public sector call center to improve employee performance and constituents’ experience with solutions that provide a deeper understand of expectations and how to act on them effectively, including:
Concerns over identity theft are growing. Constituents expect their non-public information to be protected from disclosure, whether accidentally or deliberately. Data must be stored and transmitted securely and safeguarded from unauthorized access. Constituent interactions must also be documented to ensure sensitive information is provided only when authorized. 


How NICE Helps

Isolate, identify and follow-up on occurrences where policies and procedures are not followed, and record and store documentation of staff actions with NICE, including: