NICE Security Solution for Seaports 

Accelerated incident handling             ​

Over 90% of the world's goods are transported by sea. The repercussions of a major security event at any major seaport could be devastating. And it's not just the major events that have an impact. On a daily basis, incidents happen that need to be resolved in the fastest and most effective way possible.

Address the complete incident lifecycle ​

The NICE security solution for seaports starts with early detection and closes the loop with insight from an organized incident file. Along the way, it addresses the complete incident lifecycle. The lessons learned from each stage improve the speed and effectiveness of future incident responses.

  • Early identification - using NICE field-proven video analytics
  • Complete understanding - via a unified, integrated security platform; all the information you need, when you need it
  • Accelerated incident management - using pre-defined, compliant guidance and automated tools
  • Continual improvement - in addition to managing incident information, NICE I​nfo​rm provides insight into how things were handled and how they can improve

Improved operations by 50%

Like most security-conscious organizations, the Port of Virginia heavily invested in their security infrastructure. While the adopted technologies were fully functional, they were all operating as separate systems. Since deploying NICE, all their security technology has been integrated into a single platform. This in turn has allowed them to consolidate control rooms, reduce control room workforce by 50%, and improve overall port productivity.

Maintaining compliance​

The NICE seaport security solution accelerates incident handling through early detection, predefined guidance, automated tools, improved collaboration and information sharing. And it also helps navigate day-to-day and incident-based compliance with regulations such as C–TPAT through real-time guidance and automated tools.

"The implementation of NICE's video surveillance system is another example of how the Port of Miami is implementing cutting edge technology to strengthen our ability to provide a safe and secure environment."

Bill Johnson, Port of Miami Di​rector​​​​​​

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