NICE Security Solutions for Public Safety

Improving Public Safety in the NG9-1-1 era

Technology is having a major impact on how public safety organizations function on a daily basis. It is helping to deliver better service through improved response, effective resource deployment and utilization, and better inter-agency collaboration. At the same time, though, it is adding some complexity, in particular as new technologies are introduced and the transition to NG9-1-1​ / NG112 gets underway.


Transition. Change. Improvement.  

NG9-1-1 / NG112 is probably the most impactful change to public safety processes since the 911 system was established in 1968. Transitioning to NG9-1-1 / NG112 requires a change to infrastructure, to call taking, to information sharing and collaboration, and to quality assurance. With NICE, you'll be ready for NG9-1-1 / NG112 from all operational angles:

  • Future proof - we're not only anticipating future needs, we make sure our technology can support it
  • Cloud-based solutions - we give you deployment options so that you'll have the flexibility to best meet operational and IT needs
  • Quality assurance - always important, but more so now than ever; we'll help you ensure your organization is performing to the standard the public expects
  • Recognized solution - certified - by leading public safety organizations, including Motorola, Cassidian, Harris, Intrado, and others

Mobile broadband - FirstNet

FirstNet is an initiative that will create a secure and prioritized network for public safety communications – one that will always be available for field units. With FirstNet, real-time data - including traditional voice communications, video, text, photos, sensor data and more - can be shared. When your organization is ready, NICE will support your transition to FirstNet.

The emerging role of analytics ​ 

Increasingly, advanced analytics help find suspects, investigate incidents and identify unfolding events. Used in real time, analytics can support critical decision-making and fast incident resolution. For example, our unique video analytics application, Suspect Search, leverages video footage to reduce the time it takes you to identify, track and find an individual from hours or days to just a few minutes. Our web intelligence solution takes the pulse of the public, monitoring online activity for signs of impending action. And NICE  Audio Analytics​ helps in investigations by connecting 9-1-1 calls that may have come in at different times from different callers, yet are related to a single incident.

Leading P​ublic Safety expert​

There is no substitution for real experience and a proven track record. Our expertise is unmatched in the public safety arena. Many of the world's most security-conscious locations and organizations use NICE technology and expertise to improve their safety standards.​​​

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