Protecting People and Assets​​​ Overview

Observe, analyze and understand your risks

The challenges facing today's security and surveillance personnel are increasingly complicated and the technology involved incredibly advanced. With massive quantities of intelligence data at your fingertips, the risk of missing that critical bit of information or not understanding the big picture is higher than ever before.

But the basic principles of assessing risk, managing complexity and responding to dynamic situations still apply. With sharp eyes and ears, you need to gather information from all relevant sources, connect the dots to reveal a comprehensive picture, and take appropriate, decisive action.

And it all needs to happen in a matter of seconds. ​


Security, safety and​​​ operations

There are many different data sources providing a piece of the risk assessment puzzle: security systems such as video and audio monitoring, access control, communication systems such as two-way radio and computer-aided dispatch, and operational systems for managing assets and activities. There is also valuable intelligence to be gained from open and closed sources, such as social media and activist forums, on the World Wide Web.
NICE’s security technology solutions bring all that information together in one place for both data management and comprehensive analysis. Banks, utility companies, airports, seaports, city centers, transportation systems and corporate security personnel get a full picture of both current and future risks, aiding in threat mitigation, crime prevention and incident management as well as in defining post-incident lessons learned. ​
Public Safety

Technology is having a major impact on how public safety organizations function on a daily basis. It is helping to deliver better service through improved response, effective resource deployment and utilization, and better inter-agency collaboration. At the same time, though, it is adding complexity, as new technologies, such as body-worn video expands and the transition to NG9-1-1 / NG112 gets underway.  And NICE is ready for it!
There is no substitution for real experience and a proven track record. With over 5,000 deployments world-wide, in many of the world’s largest cities, our expertise is unmatched in the public safety arena.  When organizations need solutions for keeping the public safe, they turn to NICE.​​

Harness the power of data for smarter decisions
Can you have too much data to make sense of? Not really. But there is a caveat: you need to be able to both manage the current intelligence sources and be ready to handle additional data flows created by rapidly changing technologies. With our solutions deployed at some of the largest, busiest and most security-conscious facilities worldwide, NICE's real-world experience and proven track record is the best guarantee for up-to-date monitoring and asset protection. ​