9 Ways PSIM Can Help Companies Cope with Security Growing Pains

Some companies grow the old fashioned way (organically). Others expand their footprint through mergers and acquisitions. Either way, companies can face “growing pains” when it comes to managing security operations. For example, companies that grow organically tend to add physical security systems with each changing of the guard, as new management comes in. More often than not, acquired companies arrive with their own set of preferred security systems, policies and procedures, making for a less than harmonious union with their new parent company.

How can large security companies deal with such problems? While some would advocate for standardizing one preferred solution over another, the full rip and replace approach is not always practical from a pure dollars and cents standpoint.

Thankfully, there is a middle ground: PSIM. An open, overlay, vendor-agnostic solution, PSIM can integrate multiple access control, intrusion detection, VMS (Video Management Systems) and other security sub-systems together to form a common operating picture, so control room operators never even have to know that there are different brands of systems working behind the scenes.

Is your expanding company facing security growing pains? If so I invite you to read this article I recently wrote for SecurityInfoWatch.com where I reveal nine ways that PSIM can help.

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