Proactive Compliance for Consumer Protection

Ensure All Customer Interactions Comply with Regulations

With U.S. passage of the Dodd-Frank Reform and formation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), consumer financial protection is under the microscope. Worldwide, regulatory agencies are requiring financial institutions to clearly present terms and conditions, document disclosures and exceptions, and record, archive and readily access every interaction. Failure to comply carries significant penalties.

Don’t leave compliance to chance. NICE Proactive Compliance Suite for Consumer Protection delivers real-time capabilities and post-interaction analytics to help you achieve complete compliance with stringent regulations, automatically, no matter where you do business.

The NICE Proactive Compliance Suite for Consumer Protection ensures fool-proof compliance with global consumer protection regulations. Capabilities include:

  • Context-driven agent guidance that automatically cues agents to capably disclose terms and conditions and capture customer consent
  • Easy-to-use workflows that can be created, edited and distributed to targeted workgroups or to all customer service representatives with the click of a mouse
  • Intuitive search and fast, easy call retrieval and replay for investigation and dispute resolution
  • Advanced analytics to validate compliance across all interactions and alert of exceptions
  • Tools to produce custom reports, export segments and generate any supporting materials needed for audits or litigation
Together, this suite of software solutions, enables financial institutions to:
  • Drive compliance– Design workflow-based agent guidance scenarios, enforce policies across the enterprise, and be confident that every interaction complies with all consumer protection regulations, all the time
  • Prove compliance– When audits or investigations arise, search, retrieve and export evidence and supporting materials with ease
  • Build a compliant organization– Quickly and cost-effectively roll out new regulations and organization-wide policies without needing to make further technological or other investments

 Proactive Compliance

NICE Proactive Compliance Suite for Consumer Protection enables financial organizations to:

  • Minimize exposure by ensuring there are fewer customer complaints and internal infractions
  • Save money by avoiding penalties for non-compliance
  • Save time during audits or litigation with efficient tools to prepare evidence and supporting materials

NICE Proactive Compliance Suite for Consumer Protection delivers a suite of proven compliance capabilities, including:

  • On-screen agent  guidance, fueled by the patented NICE Real-Time Decisioning Engine, cues agents through interactions and ensures they properly disclose terms and conditions and capture consumer consent, every time
  • Sophisticated speech analytics identifies deviations from mandated scripts and required regulations, and alerts Compliance Officers when exceptions occur
  • Easy-to-create and -edit workflows can be implemented enterprise-wide with the click of a mouse
  • Wide search criteria and easy-to-retrieve and -replay call recordings simplify access to exceptions, enable you to listen to relevant call-parts and manage corrective actions
  • Intuitive tools make it easy to produce reports and export segments and other supporting materials needed for litigation or audits