Cost Savings and Insights You Can Pass Along to Clients

Many companies outsource their customer service operations to cut costs and gain efficiencies. Typically, their goal is top-level service for their end-customers at the lowest possible price. In order to compete with rival bidders, outsourcing vendors must minimize their own costs by maximizing productivity and reducing technology ownership costs.
But your outsourcing business also must ensure your clients end-customers are satisfied with the quality of service they receive. By focusing on the customer experience, you can differentiate your services on quality, not just price. NICE can help.
Outsourcing call centers rely on NICE to enable them to:

  • Create competitive advantage through unique service offerings
  • Meet contractual performance requirements
  • Reduce infrastructure and labor costs 

NICE provides a broad offering of business solutions targeted to address critical operational and strategic needs in the outsourcing call center, such as first contact resolution (FCR), average handle time (AHT), churn reduction as well as sales and collections effectiveness.

Outsourcing clients need to be assured that their end-customers are getting good service, but they also are customers in their own right. Providing them with insights into critical business issues adds value to the outsourcing relationship. In addition, delivering a more positive customer experience than competitors creates additional unique value. By moving beyond merely meeting service level agreements, your outsourcing call center can compete in areas other than contract pricing. 


How NICE Helps

NICE helps you improve quality and customer experience in the call center. Plus, it enables you to accurately and securely capture information gained during interactions with clients’ customers and extract deep insights into the reasons they call, their level of satisfaction and expectations. These insights can be passed on to clients as valuable add-on services. NICE helps outsourcing businesses provide their customers a wide range of value-added services including:
Contractual performance requirements, as embodied in service level agreements (SLAs), control the business relationship between your outsourcing call center and your clients. It is important that these requirements are met. Outsourcing call centers can increase operational efficiency and lower costs by knowing how to optimally allocate staff resources across clients and ensuring they perform according to expectations. 


How NICE Helps

Ensure prompt and consistent handling of clients’ end-customers by aligning available staffing resources with requirements and actively managing their performance according to SLA goals. NICE can optimize resource allocation, ensure consistent performance, and give clients easy access to information and reports with:
Effectively managing operational expenses is critical to your outsourcing call center’s ability to price services competitively and maintain healthy margins. The budget line-items with the biggest impact are labor—the majority of most call centers’ expenses—and technology. But controlling expenses in these areas doesn’t have to mean cutting back.


How NICE Helps

Control infrastructure and labor-related costs in the call center by increasing productivity and lowering system ownership costs. NICE helps maximize staff efficiency without sacrificing service quality. It also offers opportunities to consolidate, centralize, standardize and virtualize call center technology infrastructure, including: