Next Gen Emergency Call Management

NG9-1-1-Ready Solution Right Now

In the not-too-distant future, emergency calls will come in the form of data: VoIP, real-time text messages, wireless emergency calls accompanied by camera-phone pictures or streaming video, automatic crash notifications and more. How will you capture and manage these next generation emergency communications? Look to NICE to get next gen-ready today.


A leader in public safety technology, NICE Systems can help you get ready for the next generation of emergency communications. Introduced in March 2007 and installed in hundreds of sites, the flagship incident information management system, NICE Inform, is NG9-1-1-ready solution available right now. NICE Inform captures, manages and analyzes information from multimedia sources including audio, video, text and data. Furthermore, it provides a complete, unified, chronological, multimedia history of incidents to enable streamlining of investigations, information sharing and evidence delivery. In addition to traditional means of communications, communication over IP-based and wireless technologies, both for voice and video can be managed in a synchronized manner with NICE Inform.


Unlike traditional voice-only recording systems, NICE Inform bridges your many data repositories and public safety systems— including voice, video, geographic information systems (GIS) and computer aided dispatch (CAD)— to enable you to connect captured event media and reconstruct incidents as they occurred with a 360-degree view.


NICE Inform is based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and thus support NG9-1-1 IP network (ESInest) as either hosted solution that multiple authorized agencies can access and can reside in the PSAP as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).


NICE is a member of NENA’s ( National Emergency Number Association) Next Generation Partners Program, an expert forum supporting the progress towards the Next Generation 9-1-1. NICE is an active participant in the planning of NENA NG9-1-1 Industry Collaboration Events (ICE) which focuses on interoperability testing, including successful completion of ICE2 - Transitional (Migration) Elements - and participation in ICE3- Location Information and in ICE8 - Recording and Logging Devices.


The entire suite of  NICE Public Safety Solutions is architected to be open, modular, flexible and adaptable. They work with your existing radio, CAD, GIS and other emergency communications systems today and will integrate with NG9-1-1 technologies as they come along tomorrow. Furthermore, our network-centric design provides a foundation for a seamless migration to next gen IP networks.


Next Gen Emergency Call Management