Mobile Call Recording

A Cost Effective Solution for Capturing Interactions and Meeting your Customer Needs 24/7

NICE Trading Mobile Recording enables financial services firms to fully adhere to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) requirements for mobile call recording. The NICE Mobile Recording solution is a cost–effective and fully integrated extension to the NICE Trading Recording platform, the de facto standard for compliance recording by the leading financial firms in the UK and worldwide. With this simple, yet resilient solution, you can protect and fully leverage investments in your NICE call recording solutions to quickly adopt the FSA regulation.

With the same familiar set of advanced applications and administrative tools as in the NICE Trading Recording platform, we provide a holistic view of all voice conversations recorded regardless of the device used by your employees: telephone extensions, trading system turrets or mobile devices. Furthermore, relevant electronic communications, like instant messaging, chat, SMS and email, could also be captured and retained in the NICE system, and NICE interaction analytics capabilities could be equally applied to all interactions to facilitate efficient e-discovery, investigation or dispute management, and derive meaningful insight across all communication channels.


NICE Trading Mobile Recording delivers:


  • A simple and cost effective solution – NICE active VoIP recording solution for mobiles makes use of SIP based recording control and CTI interfaces to allow utmost flexibility with the lowest cost of maintenance. The solution can be virtualized to further reduce TCO.
  • Fully integrated with NICE recording solutions – for easy deployment and usage
  • Full resilience – NICE patented N+1 solution for recording resiliency could be applied to mobile recording as well.

There are multiple benefits to adopting the NICE Trading Mobile Recording solution:


Minimize impact on the user’s mobile experience

  • Ensure 100% call recording for regulatory compliance
  • Counter market abuse and assure successful enforcement
  • Protect and leverage your existing investment in NICE Trading Recording solutions
  • Increase customer satisfaction by meeting customer needs 24/7

NICE’s mobile call recording solution is based on an open architecture that can interface directly with the trader’s handset via a smart client, a mobile phone application that resides on the trader’s handset, or with a compliance server that is located on premises. Both the smart client and the compliance server automatically and simultaneously conference any interaction on the mobile handset to the NICE recording server with minimal impact on the user’s mobile experience.


NICE is the only vendor in the market that works with leading compliant mobile applications vendors to provide you with the choice that best meets your needs. NICE also offers an all-inclusive and affordable package for mobile recording that is affordable and easy to implement.


NICE Trading Mobile Recording features include:


  • Rich call metadata
  • High availability using patented N+1 resilient recording solution
  • Common and consistent retention management
  • Support for all NICE applications and interaction analysis capabilities
  • Support for NICE end-to-end media encryption