Virtualization in Call Centers and Trading Floors

Lower Costs, Smaller Footprint and Greener IT

Organizations are increasingly turning to virtualization as a way to lower their costs. Virtualization enables organizations to consolidate the number of servers and considerably reduce data center operating costs by minimizing the administration, maintenance, floor space and power consumption of IT systems.
NICE extends the virtualization revolution to call centers and trading floors by supporting the virtualization solutions of leading industry vendors like VMware, Microsoft and Citrix. These compatible solutions enable NICE hardware and software components to be deployed on virtual machines, thus minimizing the total number of servers and rendering the IT center more environmentally friendly.

NICE Engage Platform Virtualization Support


  • Server virtualization solutions including high-availability support for virtual machines


  • Desktop virtualization solutions enabling hosted operating systems and applications to be used in remote locations— an ideal solution for call centers with home-based agents or branch offices


  • Thin clients– enabling companies to centrally manage and record interactions in remote call centers and home-based agent locations in thin client environments


Virtualization Benefits  

  • Infrastructure optimization– achieve significantly higher resource utilization by pooling common infrastructure resources and breaking the legacy one-application-to-one server model


  • Physical infrastructure reduction– reduce the number of servers and related IT hardware in data centers


  • Operational flexibility and responsiveness– enable IT administrators to spend less time on repetitive tasks such as provisioning, configuration, monitoring and maintenance


  • Application availability and business continuity– eliminate planned downtime and enable quick recovery from unplanned outages with the ability to backup and migrate entire virtual environments without service interruption


  • Desktop manageability and security– deploy, manage and monitor secure desktop environments that end-users access locally or remotely


  • Green IT– save on cooling and electricity consumption and move toward a more environmentally friendly infrastructure


NICE Engage Platform supports virtualization products from leading vendors enabling call centers and trading floors to lower the total cost of ownership of their call recording infrastructure. Click to learn more about NICE solutions for call centers and financial organizations.