TDM Call Recording

Regulatory Compliance, Risk Mitigation and Quality Recording for TDM Environments

NICE Engage Platform provides comprehensive call recording capabilities in time division multiplexer (TDM) environments and supports integration with all major telephony vendors. NICE TDM call recording offers a full range of recording choices including compliance call recording as well as interaction-based, random and on-demand recording options. TDM call recording enables organizations to improve regulatory compliance and mitigate risk. It further enables companies to leverage call recording for call center quality monitoring and interaction analytics to improve service levels and optimize business performance.

Unique TDM Call Recording Capabilities

  • Trunk-side or extension-side recording methods
  • Interaction-based recording capabilities
  • Trunk-observation recording in specific telephony environments
  • Trunk-density recording for cost-effective interaction-based recording needs
  • Redundancy capabilities for continuous recording

High Value Benefits for TDM Environments  


  • Low total cost of ownership- Provides central administration capabilities, cost-effective management of multiple sites, support for virtualization solutions as well as unmatched scalability.


  • Monitoring and alarms- Delivers a comprehensive set of actionable health check reports and a monitoring console that enables customers to proactively monitor their systems and prevent issues before they occur.


  • Investment protection- NICE recognizes the need to protect your investment in TDM call recording solutions and thus provides the ability to convert TDM recording loggers into voice over IP (VoIP) recording loggers by simply replacing the network interface card. This cost-effective option enables organizations to benefit from financial savings when moving to VoIP recording  solutions.
Businesses leverage NICE’s TDM call recording to enhance regulatory compliance, mitigate risk and optimize performance. Click to learn more about risk management and contact center operational efficiency solutions from NICE.