SIP Trunk Call Recording

Best-in-Class Recording Technology for SIP-Based Environments

Today, a growing number of enterprises and branch offices are benefiting from the advantages of network services based on the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Using SIP, businesses with an installed PBX can use voice over IP (VoIP) outside the organization's network, eliminating the need for expensive PSTN trunks and gaining greater call capacity. Thus, SIP helps companies lower their costs, reduce network infrastructure and simplify administration.


NICE Engage Platform supports SIP-based environments enabling companies to retain SIP’s capacity and cost benefits as well as gain innovative call recording capabilities. SIP Trunk call recording technology enables customers to:


  • Switch over to a full SIP environment
  • Save on PBX resources and licenses
  • Reduce network maintenance costs
  • Create a more flexible, virtual environment capable of recording calls from the call center to the branch to home-based agent locations
  • Build a centralized, open recording architecture


Integration with Session Border Controllers (SBC)

SBC appliances provide critical control and security functions to deliver trusted interactive communications including voice, video and multimedia sessions, across IP networks. NICE Engage Platform integrates with SBCs from leading vendors enabling companies using SBC appliances to maintain call security while using best-in-class call recording software.


SIP Trunk call recording from NICE enables organizations to meet their compliance and quality monitoring needs cost-effectively in SIP-based environments. Click to learn more about risk management  and contact center operational efficiency  solutions from NICE.